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The Pizza Press Opens and Adds Vinyl Door & Window Graphics!

 Mar 30, 2015

The owners of the local Pizza Press restaurant are astute marketers. Loyal readers of this blog are already familiar with the eatery that is setting up shop near Old Town Orange. Back then, we reported on the two huge “coming soon” banners that we placed into the windows of the restaurant. These signage products alerted hungry guests that a great new pizza restaurant would be opening at this location in the fall. The indoor mounting covers up the windows completely, which adds some mystery to the locale, and uses the available pane size to attract plenty of attention.

Window and Door Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County

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Opening Day Called for Impressive Door and iWindow Graphics

Now, the opening day is just around the corner. Once again, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics professionals to create updated restaurant door and window graphics Orange County consumers would notice. In response, we manufactured new window signs that are smaller and feature more information. Consumers see a highlighted opening day, which promises to be a huge affair. Social media connection opportunities are part of the window banner setup, which lets future guests connect with the company online and begin to take part in the dialog the company keeps up.

Door window graphics drive home the point that this pizza restaurant is an exciting place to visit on opening day and beyond. There is a mention of the menu, information about a giveaway and plenty of branding that turns the “Pizza Press” into a household name. When you are thinking of doing the same with your business that is almost ready to open, we can help you with posters and vinyl window graphics. Orange County businesses succeed at creating quite a buzz in this manner.

Restaurant vinyl window graphics Orange County

Welcome, invite and inform with vinyl graphics!

Why Vinyl Graphics?

  • Concise. The window graphics wording is concise and reinforces the look of your company’s name by showing off the font and color selection.
  • Buzz generating. When you have a long-term “coming soon” banner or poster in your window, update it with a strikingly different one when the opening day is almost here. It creates a buzz and heightens interest.
  • Product introduction. Let shoppers know early on what your business is all about. Whether you sell custom pizzas or homemade soups, ice cream or ethnic specialties, whet eaters’ appetites with the information.
  • Advertising. Take a page from Pizza Press’ playbook. The management team uses window graphics to advertise giveaways, which makes any grand opening interesting.

It is tempting to say that this marketing and branding approach works well for a smaller franchise setup, which works hard at creating a neighborhood restaurant feel. This is not the case. In fact, a similar marketing approach is just as apropos for a large chain store that is getting ready to open its newest location across town. We routinely work with storeowners and managers who know that stirring up the interest of consumers is a vital key element to having a successful opening week.

When you are ready to get your new business off to a good start, do not neglect the early advertising posters and banners. Vinyl door and window graphics spell out marketing messages when posters and banners are not feasible. Call us today for more information on these marketing and branding solutions.

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