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Should I Buy Custom Car Decals Online?

 Apr 22, 2014
Custom car decals Orange County

Should you buy custom car decals online?

To stand out from the crowd of contractors vying for the consumer dollar, you need car decals. Orange County residents like to know whom their neighbors entrust with the care, repair and maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system, the washing machine and the electrical panel. When you pull up in a non-descript work truck or van, not even a spiffy uniform will help you brand your business.

The problem arises when entrepreneurs think of buying custom car decals online. Sure, it sounds like a great money and time-saving proposition. You upload a few graphics, choose a design look, pay your money and wait for the decals to arrive in the mail. Before you go there, ask yourself a few questions.

Are Decals Really Enough?

If you are facing stiff competition in a tight niche market, you cannot afford to gradually ease your way into marketing. Instead, you have to go all in. For example, if you operate a food truck, a few custom decals are better than nothing, but they are not your best option. In your case, a full wrap is a necessity when you want to compete with the big boys.

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Do They Suit the Vehicle?

The decals you pick for your pickup truck are different from the ones that you would choose for a delivery truck. Choosing the right size makes a huge difference for the overall presentation of your marketing message. If your decals are too big, they make your vehicle look, well, funky. If they are too small, your message gets lost.

Is Your Artwork Professionally Done?

Professionally done logo artwork is easy to enlarge or shrink without distortions. Do-it-yourself jobs, on the other hand, sometimes distort, which leads to odd-looking decals. When you affix this type of marketing tool to the side of your truck, it is really hard to hide the distorted appearance. Is this really the message that you want to get across?

What Is a Good Price?

When you buy custom car decals for Orange County, you need a product that is treated with the high heat and sun exposure in mind. If you buy your decals online from a place where sun exposure like we experience in sunny Southern California is not a problem, you might not get the UV shielding. While the decals are cheap, they are also subject to fading rather quickly. Once you reorder the decals, do you really save money on the deal?

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How Easy Is It to Install the Decals?

When you buy decals online, you are also in charge of installing them. Is it easy? Well, it depends on your comfort level with glues and car surfaces, your eye for artistic details and your access to tools commonly used by those who do this as a job. If you have ever seen the DIY anti-sun-glare window treatments that folks put on the insides of their vehicles’ rear and side windows, you know that some are fairly well done while others are ripped and showcase numerous bubbles. How your decal application turns out is up to your skill with the material.

With this many variables, is buying your marketing decals via the Internet really a money-saving option? Since consumers will judge your workmanship by the look of your vehicle, would it not make more sense to entrust your decal order and application to the professionals?

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