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Custom Building Logo Signs for Distribution Centers in Los Angeles, CA!

 Oct 09, 2023

ISAT is a long-time client. Our team previously assisted the company with corporate wall graphics and a new van wrap design. The client recently opened a new location at 14848 Northam Street in La Mirada and asked us to put together custom building logo signs for distribution centers. This signage product had to reflect both brands owned by ISAT, which includes Tomarco.

building logo signs for warehouses in la mirada, ca

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Identify a Recently Opened Warehouse Location

As always, we kept the client’s specs on file. Doing so ensures that our local business partners always receive signage solutions that are perfect color matches. With the information needed on file, our technicians began production of a building logo sign using one-inch-thick PVC.

What was our back office doing in the meantime? Clerical support staff applied for and pulled the required sign permit. We do this for our clients because we know what code departments are looking for. Secondly, it ensures that your new sign meets all applicable city codes.

Once we cut out the letters and associated logo pieces back in the manufacturing area, our specialists painted the pieces in the firm’s two custom colors. Look closely, and you will notice that our graphic artist used vinyl graphics to create the white detail on the ISAT portion of the sign. On installation day, we mounted the style elements using stud mounts. The finished product looks excellent, perfectly encapsulates the client’s brand message, and will last for a long time. 

dimensional letter building signs in la mirada, ca

The Advantages of Advertising and Branding with PVC Building Logos and Lettering

Using 3D PVC letters as a building sign for businesses offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for many establishments.

  • Professional look. Three-dimensional PVC letters provide a sophisticated and professional look to your business’ signage. They convey a sense of quality and attention to detail, positively impacting your brand image.
  • Customized design. We customize 3D letters in size, font, color, and spacing to match your brand’s identity and style. This allows for creative and unique signage that reflects your company’s personality.
  • Easy to see and read. 3D letters create a prominent and eye-catching signage solution that quickly grabs the attention of passersby. They stand out from flat, two-dimensional signs and can be seen from a distance, enhancing your brand’s visibility. In areas with fast-moving traffic, these three-dimensional products are ideal.

acrylic building logos and lettering in la mirada, ca

Do You Need Custom Building Logo Signs for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Storefronts, or Offices?

We can help! Our team specializes in designing, producing, and installing 3D signs using a broad range of materials. While PVC is a favorite, we also work with metals, composites, and acrylic. Most importantly, we work with the specs you already have or collaborate with you on designing something new from the ground up. Call us today to discuss your next signage project!

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