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Corporate Wall Graphics for Businesses in Orange County CA

 Mar 17, 2016

Located at 14848 Northam Street in La Mirada, ISAT (International Seismic Application Technologies) is in the seismic bracing field. The business works with builders and developers to meet building code requirements and even go beyond. Whether companies need the right piping equipment or pneumatic tubing, this enterprise makes it happen alongside its consulting services. When ISAT’s management team decided to enhance the branding of its location, its representatives contacted our graphic artists.

Corporate Wall Graphics for Businesses in Orange County, CA, Add Pizzazz

Corporate wall graphics for businesses in Orange County CA

Use wall graphics to brand your corporate offices!

After consulting with the client, we designed and manufactured a die-cut wall graphic that depicts the world map. Overlaying ISAT’s logo, the design also features a depiction of seismic shock waves. Our visual artists matched the color of the wall to the color of the outlines in between the continents to make the world map appear to be an organic part of the structural presentation. A second project we tackled was the installation of a frosted interior window graphic that shows off a seismic shock wave, which we cut out of the material. Combined with the wall display, it looks fantastic and makes this location shine.

Dressing up Walls for Great Results

Brighten work spaces with wall graphics in Orange County CA

Brighten work spaces!

Before the treatment, the wall was somewhat nondescript. The cubicles abutting it provided the splashes of color and visual breaks that the eye needs. After the installation of the wall graphic, the room’s entire presentation has changed dramatically. With a focal point now on the wall, the room is given a clear definition, color addition, and a strong branding message. It instantly beautifies the space.

You can achieve similar results with the relatively modest investment in the design, manufacture and installation of wall graphics for your location, too.

  • Wall wraps. For the lobby of a company that specializes in a niche product, the use of a wall wrap is ideal. It allows you to repeat the business’ logo and name in a subliminal manner while introducing a customized color scheme to the location.
  • Mural. A focal mural works well in a gym. Depict an attractive beach scene or any other type of vista that supports workouts. Next, set up stationary bikes so that they face the focal wall. Doing so makes the experience for your clients a lot more enjoyable than simply staring at a brick wall.
  • Graphics. Cutouts, decals, and similar products work well for the walls of waiting rooms, call centers, and similar settings. Create attractive displays that incorporate the color of your wall while underscoring the branding message you seek to send to employees, clients, customers and anyone else who comes in. Show off your name and logo combination and repeat some image presentations that you may have chosen for your website.

Commission Corporate Graphics Today

Contact our graphic artists to discuss the design of corporate wall graphics for businesses in Orange County, CA. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location, take measurements and look at any artwork that you would like us to use. Of course, we gladly design any graphics from scratch. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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