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Custom Aluminum Building Logo Signs for Santa Fe Springs Laboratory!

 Dec 27, 2018

Aluminum Building Logo Signs Santa Fe Springs CA

Blaine Labs does business at 11037 Lockport Place. It provides a broad range of pharmaceutical products as well as personalized labeling. When we met with the company’s management team, we learned that it needed two custom aluminum building logo signs.

Taking Advantage of a Cul-de-Sac Location for Branding

Due to the building’s location, the company needed two signs that would alert consumers to its presence. Our technicians constructed both of them with quarter-inch-thick aluminum. However, the client requested different heights in keeping with the mounting locations’ proportions.

Building Logo Signs Santa Fe Springs CA

Adding your logo to your building sign gets your business noticed!

The sign above the loading dock door is slightly larger than the marker that we placed on the wall to the right of the entrance. We decided against putting a sign above the entryway because of the lush landscaping that is growing there. Our team painted the aluminum in the firm’s custom colors.

Now, prospective customers heading toward the laboratory have an easy time finding the venue even as they are still down the street. Moreover, it is also easy to notice the company’s name as you pull up. The combination of both markers is undoubtedly a smart advertising move.

How to Boost the Visibility of Your Company’s Venue

Exterior Aluminum Building Signs Santa Fe Springs CA

For this Laboratory, we added two signs!

In some cases, the combination of building signs is all you need. The dimensional letters feature your unique colors, which further boosts brand recognition. Of course, you might choose another set of combinations, too.

  • Building and monument signage. Select dimensional letters or channel letters. They create a three-dimensional display on your building’s façade. In the case of channel letters, they also add illumination. Next, install a monument sign near the entrance of your driveway, parking lot entrance, or front door. This is a sign that is not as tall but instead addresses the driver who is already on the street looking for you.
  • Building signage and window graphics. An innovative building sign only showcases your company’s name and color play. Window graphics draw the eye and expand on the brand message. Highlight the advantages of your products or outline what services you offer onsite. Add arrows for wayfinding.
  • Lightbox cabinet and matching pylon. The lightbox cabinet is ideally suited for façade-mounting. That said, consider adding a larger version to a pylon that is in front of your business. It functions a lot like a monument sign but is much taller. In this way, it addresses motorists who are still a long ways off. By having identical signage solutions, you make recognizing your building a snap.

Order Custom Aluminum Building Logo Signs for Santa Fe Springs, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Expert building sign installation Santa Fe Springs CA

We are experts at building sign installation!

Does your company’s location make the right impression? Is it easy for prospective customers or clients to find you? If you are not sure, or if your business gets many calls asking for directions, there is a good chance that you might have some room for improvement. Invite our team out for a site survey. We gladly help you pinpoint areas where you do well with signage as well as spots where even a small tweak could significantly boost the impression you make on the consumer. We are also experts in building sign installation!

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We are experts at building sign installation!

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