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Custom Designed Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Orange County, CA!

 Dec 19, 2018

Professionals in the real estate business have to wow customers with professional signage. These markers must allow the brand message to shine through. Most importantly, they have to add pizzazz to the offices. We recently worked with two companies that asked us to put together these types of custom designed lobby logo signs for businesses in Orange County, CA.

Case Study: AE Real Estate, Inc.

Custom designed lobby logo signs Orange County CA

Brushed metal lobby signs offer a professional look!

Located at 285 Imperial Highway in Fullerton, this real estate company works with individuals interested in renting, buying, selling, and investing in properties. As a full-service real estate office, experts provide a number of services to their customers. After consulting with the client, it was clear that the firm needed a metal lobby sign that would spell out its name. Our team put together a brushed metal presentation that looks excellent against the wall. Since the adjoining wall connects in an acute angle, we spaced the lettering to be visible from anywhere in the office.

Case Study: Milan Capital Management

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs Orange County CA

3D Acrylic letter lobby signs also a popular choice!

This firm does business at 888 South Disneyland Drive in Anaheim. It is a commercial real estate firm that owns and develops properties. The company also manages commercial and residential properties. For this project, we put together acrylic letters along with a logo symbol that we designed for a small wall space. We accentuated the company’s corporate colors by painting the material in these tones. Because we can achieve a complete Pantone match, the brand message is perfect. This sign now looks as impressive close up as it does from a distance.

Customization is the Key for a Successful Signage Presentation

Custom Designed Real Estate Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Is it time to change your office lobby signs?

Both of these office signs use different materials. Moreover, the sizing is not the same. Even so, they both serve companies in the real estate business. What sets the signage apart is the brand message presentation. At the same time, the product has to fit into the unique space that the company has allocated for it.

  • Dimensional letters vs. logo boards. Dimensional letters are ideal for lobby signs. The use of individual style elements allows us to position them so that they take advantage of the space you work with. In contrast, lobby logo boards are ideally suited for standard wall sizes that automatically draw the eye of the visiting customer.
  • Metal vs. acrylic. Both materials add pizzazz to a space. Metal impresses because of its brand perception. Moreover, we can paint it in any color you like. That said, most clients do not want us to cover up the natural beauty of the material. Acrylic is a good option for multi-color presentations. Choose from glossy or matte finishes. Some business clients have had excellent success with mixing the finishes between different style elements.
  • One color vs. multiple hues. Metal is a good option for a single color presentation. The look of brushed metal is uniform, which results in attractive visual applications. Acrylic, as well as sign foam and PVC, are good choices when you would like to present multiple brand tones inside your office.

If we have piqued your interest in adding custom designed lobby logo signs for businesses in Orange County, CA, contact our team today for more information.

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