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Custom 3D Lobby Logo and Conference Room Wall Signs Brand New Fullerton Office!

 Mar 21, 2018

3D Lobby Logo and Conference Room Wall Signs | Fullerton CA

More and more businesses now enhance brand recognition among clients with a concurrent 3D lobby logo and conference room wall sign presentation. Case in point is GCAM at 1561 Orangethorpe Avenue. The company is a thought leader in the plasma industry.

Encapsulating a Brand Message in a Signage Display

3D Logo Lobby Signs | Fullerton | Orange County CA

A 3D Logo lobby sign boosts your brand!

When meeting with the customer, we discussed the various options for an eye-catching lobby sign.

  • Sign foam. This material is an excellent building block or a stand-alone product. With depths of up to three inches, it allows for massive presentations. It is also useful for featuring acrylic or brushed metal laminate facings.
  • Acrylic panels with wall standoffs. Another popular option is the transparent acrylic panel. We typically treat it with an imprinted vinyl overlay that features your corporate information. If you opt for a painted acrylic instead, we can hide LEDs behind the product for halo illumination.
  • Flat-cut aluminum or acrylic lettering. Metal or acrylic are ideally suited for use as dimensional letters. We can go as large as your walls and interior aesthetics allow. Choose matte or high-gloss finishes.

After reviewing the options, GCAM decided on PVC with a vinyl overlay. PVC is a budget-friendly material that looks professional and allows for stud mounts. By treating it with the overlay, our technicians were able to capture the gradient color changes that are the hallmarks of the company’s branding.

Reinforcing Brand Awareness

Conference Room Wall Signs | Fullerton | Orange County CA

Add a matching conference room wall sign!

Displaying multiple versions of your company’s name and logo is advantageous. You help first-time clients to build brand awareness and knowledge. They connect your colors and font with the product you represent. As they wait to talk to your representatives, these clients memorize what you stand for. The sign can act as a mnemonic device in this manner.

However, you can take it a step further. Support a lobby and conference room sign with other signage options.

  • Customized table throws. You usually see these at trade shows. But why not also feature them on tables in your lobby? Runners or throws are ideal for the use of your corporate color palette within the confines of the interior décor you have selected.
  • Banners. Choose retractable banner stands for these displays. Many businesses now use them for client education. They let you present brand details and added information about the services or products that you provide.
  • Window graphics. Welcome clients with your company’s information. Choose standard white vinyl or opt for custom colors that stand out even more. By the way, these graphics also look great inside on glass walls or doors.

Ordering 3D Lobby Logo and Conference Room Wall Signs in Orange County or L.A. County Today

3D Letter Lobby Signs | Conference Room Signs | Fullerton | Orange County CA

Three dimensional letters a popular choice for businesses!

If we have piqued your interest in seeing how a double presentation of your branding could make a difference at your location, contact our business sign experts. We help you envision the look of the product and the way it signals your message to the visiting client. Our graphic artist can also assist with showing you what supportive signage solutions could look like.

Contact us today to get started on your project.

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