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Cozzini Brothers Adds Vinyl Decals to Fleet Vehicles Across the US

 May 21, 2015

Cozzini knives are famous across the country. They are perfectly weighted for ease of use and offer excellent functionality for a broad range of tasks. That said, the company manufactures specialty knives that perform well in situations where other cutlery simply does not compare well. Not surprisingly, Cozzini is the brand of choice for restaurants that need to rent knives or have them sharpened for continued use. In fact, the sharpening program of the company now also includes food processor blades and slicer blades as well as can openers and any other gadgetry that needs sharpening.

Marketing with Vinyl Decals for Fleets in Orange County

Vinyl decals for fleets in Orange County

Fabricating vinyl decals for fleets!

When it came time to make its local presence known just a bit more aggressively, the Cozzini Brothers’ management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance. The company ordered 30 sets of decals and lettering that they wanted to install on their fleet of vehicles.

They were so happy with the results that they commissioned another 100 sets this week. These decals display the company’s logo, phone number and website address. Since the client wants to self-install, we supplied them with the right tools for the task. We sent along a few squeegees as well as application tape. After all, if their vehicles do not look good, we do not either.

Do-It-Yourselfers Welcome!

It is a common misconception that you need us to install decals if you are pretty handy yourself. While this is not necessarily a good idea for the novice who has never even applied a bumper sticker to the back of a car and have it perfectly centered, for those who feel confident in their abilities, this is a great way of outfitting an entire fleet on your schedule.

Fleet vinyl decals Orange County

Vibrant and colorful!

Some clients report that they like the idea of gradually increasing the buzz about their company, a specialty product or a new service by progressively adding decals to a larger fleet. As the sightings of the new decals increase around town, so do the buzz and the interest in the product. This approach has proven – for some – to work better than overnight graphics additions to each vehicle in the fleet.

Why Fleet Decals and Graphics Matter

Every time one or more of your fleet vehicles take to the roads, they present your company with advertising opportunities. Motorists and pedestrians see your vehicles at traffic lights and in parking lots. Business owners see you when you are parked at another venue. It makes sense to use the space afforded by the vehicle’s exterior for the posting of advertising. Car wraps, lettering, graphics and decals have an excellent marketing potential.

Vinyl lettering for fleets in Orange County

Fleet lettering gets noticed!

While treating one car can get you between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day, imagine multiplying this number by the number of fleet vehicles that routinely drive the streets on any given day. Our professionals can help you with the design, manufacture and installation of these products. If you like to self-install the signage, simply buy vinyl decals for fleets nationwide from Superior Signs today, and we ship them right out to you.

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