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A Look at Mt. Sac Honor’s Program Inspiration Wall Graphics in Orange County

 May 17, 2015

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics have an excellent working relationship with countless builders, interior designers and other experts in similar fields. Case in point is PAL id studio. Interior designers, this company succeeds at taking small spaces and turning them into functional areas that offer room and opportunity for multiple task applications. The business is heavily involved with work being done at the Mount San Antonio College, which is colloquially known simply as Mt. Sac.

A New Wall Mural Inspires

Wall graphics for colleges in Orange County

Inspiration wall graphics for schools!

Mt. Sac is a junior college that inspires its students to aim for a degree from a four-year school after graduation. We were called in to do an Honors Program wall graphic that highlights the traits of a highly successful student. Among them are “persistence,” team work” and “motivation.” The wall itself displays an attractive gray color that we enhanced with the use of white, lead and light blue terms. The mural inspires users of the space. Since it is used for computer peripherals, we allowed ample space for the monitors so that none of the words is lost.

Inspiration Matters

Wall murals for junior colleges in Orange County are highly effective at keeping learners focused. With so many responsibilities and issues tugging at their attention, it is crucial to help students to maintain their goals in sight while at school. Murals make it possible to bring this message to the learner without its sounding like a lecture. The unique setup of words that relate to accomplishment further enhances the message.

How are wall graphics installed in Orange County

The installation!

Of course, you do not have to use words alone. Some schools that we have worked with prefer the combination of graphics and lettering. When we address the youngest learners, letters always take a backseat to graphics. It is interesting to note that this approach repeats when addressing adult learners. In the latter case, it is not the inability to read but rather the importance of catching the student’s eye and immediately communicating a message without letting the length of time it takes to digest text get in the way.

What Could You Do With Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics for colleges in Orange County may be popular, but they are not just reserved for the education sector. In fact, plenty of companies now commission these types of signage products for their offices, stores and similar locations.

Communicate values. Remind workers what the values of your business are. Whether they involve customer service, honesty or excellent quality, it never hurts to spell out the goals that you have set for the business.

Wall murals for schools in Orange County

Ready to inspire your students?

Tell your story. Long walls in particular are difficult to incorporate into a cohesive design scheme. For this reason, some companies have chosen to build a timeline that articulates the history of the business, which takes up plenty of horizontal space. In a few cases, they are using this method to outline desired growths and expansions. With the help of murals, graphics and lettering, this vision takes on a tangible form.

Inspire others. Whether you post motivational messages in the break room or the conference room, these words have the power to change the course of your company’s success. Choose them wisely for maximum impact.

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