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Costa Mesa Cyclery Uses Eye Catching Window Graphics to Advertise!

 Jul 24, 2018

Located at 420 East 17th Street, Two Wheels One Planet has been in the bicycle business since 1963. Buy bikes, parts, clothing, and accessories from these experts. You might even rent a bike there. When the company contacted our sign shop, it was to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of eye-catching window graphics to advertise its products to passersby in Costa Mesa, CA.

Replacing Faded Window Graphics That Did Not Perform as Hoped

Cycle Shop Window Graphics Costa Mesa CA

Brand your bike shop with window graphics!

Initially, the company invested in full block-out window graphics. They displayed images but did not allow enough light to enter the showroom. When the graphics faded, the management team decided to replace them with a different type of window wrap. After consulting with the team, we suggested the use of a 65%/35% window perf with optically clear laminate.

The graphics entice consumers to step closer. The wording advertises the company’s products as well as its no-interest financing deal. Images make it easy for the shopper to envision what it feels like to own one of the bikes the shop sells. The finished product is neat and presents a persuasive message.

Selecting the Right Vinyl for the Job

Types of Window Graphics in Costa Mesa CA

Block the sun and see outside with see-through window film!

Opaque vinyl is ideal for blocking out the view from the inside and outside. It prevents sunlight from entering a storefront. In many ways, it is a lot like adding a wall surface. However, there is some faint illumination that you might notice. Moreover, this setup is ideally suited for a broad range of imprints with light and dark colors.

What happens when you want to be able to see outside and let some of the sunshine enter your store? In this case, perforated vinyl is a better option. The 65%/35% product, in particular, is a good choice. It accommodates flat surfaces as well as simple curves. You enjoy one-way visibility of the printed image.

Colors pop and even though the hole pattern takes away some material, you do not have to deal with distorted graphics. Instead, you enjoy the sunlight that streams through the vinyl. That said, you still have the advantage of minimizing indoor solar heat gain, which cuts down on air-conditioning costs.

What Types of In-Store Signage Could Augment Treated Windows?

Retail Store See-Through Window Graphics

Start branding your retail store with window wraps!

You have invested in eye-catching window graphics to advertise your products and services. This signage now appeals to prospective buyers who walk or drive past your location. Why not capitalize on the visual appeal by continuing your marketing messages inside?

For example, a banner lets you co-brand with the most popular product manufacturer that you carry. It creates brand knowledge among shoppers, which may have them come back for more. Another sign is the tabletop banner stand. It is a smaller version of the full-sized floor model. Use it to present must-know specs that appeal to your customer base.

Put it on the same table that you would use for brochures or handouts. By the way, it will look even better if you have a customized table runner that features your corporate colors. To find out more about window graphics and other advertising signage, contact the experts at our sign shop!

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