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Compton College Athletics Passenger Van Wraps Add Branding and Announce the Team’s Arrival at Competitive Events!

 May 16, 2022

Compton College is a returning client. In the past, we did commercial truck wraps for the school’s new maintenance vehicles, customized logo pole banners, and upgraded the looks of the sports stadium with mesh fence banners. After reviewing the successful addition of the recent maintenance truck treatment with partial wraps, the school’s administration asked us to return and put together two passenger van wraps in Compton.


Athletics Department Passenger Van Vinyl Wraps and Graphics Upgrade the Looks of Vehicles

Because the school’s administration liked the results from the maintenance truck wraps, it made sense to apply the same technology to the passenger vans. These vehicles transport student-athletes to games and meets, making them a highly-visible representation of the college. Most importantly, it offers the school the opportunity to have students arrive in style and with pride in their teams.

compton college passenger van before vinyl wrap

Our technicians used perforated window graphics to design the full wraps on both vans. They display the same design that coordinates with the truck wrap we did. It provides a level of uniformity that appeals to clients in search of fleet graphics with an upscale look. The main difference is the labeling of the vans as being part of the Athletics Department. Look closely and notice basic similarities in the 3M vehicle wraps we did for the trucks and the vans. 

passenger van vinyl wraps and graphics

Why Do Schools of All Types Invest in Custom Wraps for Passenger Vans and Utility Trucks?

High schools and colleges encourage students’ participation in sports and music. Transporting them to meets, matches, and events frequently falls on parents’ shoulders. It is up to the students to determine transportation in the college setting. However, school administrators have found that providing transportation is an excellent way of ensuring participation, timeliness, and availability of necessary gear.

passenger van wraps and graphics

Most importantly, because wraps are so budget-friendly, they are easy to afford. As a result, passenger van wraps and graphics give the school another opportunity to advertise its programs. Consider also that music programs, in particular, take students across state lines. Promoting the school there is a fantastic way of drawing in more out-of-state learners. 

Custom wraps for passenger vans

Which Vehicle Wrap is Right for Your School or Program?

One size does not fit all, and we firmly believe that customization is the key to each client’s success. Therefore, we do not present you with a “standard” look. Instead, we work alongside you to develop a look that uniquely encapsulates your brand message and school spirit. For some, this could be a full wrap with an advertising vignette. 

3M vehicle wraps printed and installed

For other clients, a partial wrap is a better option. Even here, there are still options. You might choose from a product covering between 25% and 75% of the vehicle’s exterior. When you like the van’s base color, and it is possible to incorporate it into the design, you can save money by including it. If you need passenger van wraps in Compton or anywhere else in Los Angeles County or the OC, connect with our sign shop today to learn more about your options!

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