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Commercial Truck Wraps Advertise for Brea Construction Company Mile After Mile!

 Mar 29, 2022

United Trades Construction is a smaller firm that operates out of Brea. The company recently added a pickup truck to its fleet of vehicles and contacted our shop to handle the details of the commercial truck wraps in Brea CA.

Advertising While Traveling from Job to Job

commercial truck wraps in Brea CA

Participating in the mobile marketing revolution is necessary for any company, no matter how large or small it might be. This advertising solution’s power lies in its consistency. Whenever you take the vehicle out to different jobs, deliver goods, or transport crews and materials, the advertising message on the sides and back of the truck is on the move with you.

A Partial Wrap with a Quick Turnaround

construction truck graphics in fullerton, ca

We worked with the client on the design of the product. Our graphic artist then put together the style elements, sized them, and ensured they would display perfectly on the available space. Technicians then printed and cut the pieces and got ready for the installation. Because the client needed the truck for the business, we had a tight deadline.

Our 3M preferred vinyl installers got to work. They prepared the truck, verified the fit of the style elements, and then installed them. When you look at the vehicle now, you see the company’s name and logo on the door, a menu of services to the side, and contact information. Moreover, you notice the two-tone color that is a hallmark of a partial wrap. 

For the tailgate, we changed the sizing of the logo and emphasized the contact information instead. Moreover, we used vinyl letters to spell out a menu of services. Our experts worked without interruption to get this project done on time. Every time the client is on the road, the truck advertises the company and its services.

What Goes Into a Good Partial Truck Wrap?

vinyl graphics for commercial trucks in fullerton, ca

The effectiveness of a wrap depends mainly on having a specific goal. As a general rule of thumb, there are three different directions you might go in.

  1. Advertising. This client requested a partial wrap that would advertise the business. Therefore, we focus attention on the company’s name and logo. 
  2. Branding. Brand-building directs the attention to what makes the customer like the company. Examples include color palettes, graphics, co-branding with popular manufacturers, and taglines.
  3. Competing. For the business that wants to focus on competing with others in the same niche, we recommend an extensive menu of services. It focuses the consumer’s attention on what sets the business apart from others. Opt for this setup when you are moving into new territory.

Where to Buy Commercial Truck Wraps in Brea CA!

custom wraps for trucks in fullerton, ca

Because there are so many ways to construct commercial truck wraps, we recommend that you discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Identifying your goal is critical. While it is true that there will be some overlap between the style element, the focus will be unique to you. If you are just starting in business, let us help you with the design of a logo and font setup. If you already have these specs on hand, we will use them. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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