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Commercial Property for Lease Window Graphics Draw in Prospective Tenants to Anaheim Shopping Centers

 Aug 03, 2017

Commercial Property For Lease Window Graphics in Anaheim CA

Clausen Enterprises in Anaheim is a thought leader in the field of commercial property management. We have done quite a bit of work for this business. Examples include anti-graffiti “For Lease” signs as well as other commercial real estate signage products. Since the company oversees properties in a variety of locations, its management team understands the importance of adjusting signage to the various settings. Cases in point are the property manager “For Lease” window graphics in Anaheim, CA, we just put together for the firm.

Nothing Catches the Eye Better than Large Scale Window Graphics

Retail Space and For Lease Window Graphics Anaheim CA

Grab the eyes of potential tenants!

Whereas other management companies might put up a set of generic window graphics to advertise the availability of a vacant storefront, Clausen Enterprises knows that this is the time to go big. When we met with the client to put together the latest set of window graphics for various properties, we drafted designs that feature interesting details for the prospective tenants.

They combine eye candy in the form of Southern California backdrop graphics with “For Lease” notations. The graphics take up the upper half of the windows, which offers plenty of space for the display. In a shrewd move, the agency requested that we adjust the color play with the exterior’s trim in mind. The door graphic provides the company’s name and contact information, while the rest of the images set the tone for the tenant to envision doing business at the location.

Signage Combinations that Work Well

For Lease Window Graphics for Property Managers in Anaheim CA

Installing the window wraps!

Window graphics are just one product solution for reeling in the traffic. Other options include various signage products.

  • Post and panel products. The typical sign involves a Max Metal surface with an anti-graffiti coating. We can adapt the message to suit the area and property. Also, consider integrating your brand colors or those of the venue.
  • Lightbox cabinet facings. If your venue has a lightbox cabinet that identifies the names of tenants, turn the facings of empty storefronts into advertisements. We can help you do so with inexpensive and quick-to-order printed vinyl overlays.
  • Flags. Nothing is more effective than colorful flags fluttering in the wind. Something as simple as “For Lease” imprinted in a high-contrast color on a bright, bold piece of fabric makes a huge impact.

Go for the gusto and combine these products to draw attention to long-term openings that you want to see filled quickly.

Do You Have Properties You Want to Draw Attention To?

Tenant For Lease Window Graphics for Property Managers in Anaheim

Bright, vibrant and hard to miss!

You do not have to oversee a large number of commercial properties to take a page from the playbook of Clausen Enterprises. Putting up mural-like property manager “For Lease” window graphics in Anaheim, CA, as well as its surrounding cities, is an excellent method for catching the eyes of passersby. Because quite a few of them are becoming franchise owners, who rent the available spaces, it makes sense to market to this demographic the most.

When you want to find out more about getting the attention of your targeted customers, contact the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics. We serve the business communities of Orange County as well as neighboring Los Angeles County, CA.

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