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Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses in Santa Ana!

 Aug 02, 2017

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses in Santa Ana CA

Located at 900 North Broadway, Velocity Bail Bonds provides around the clock assistance to individuals in need of affordable services. The firm can help you with finding a recently arrested person, offer you consultation services on how to proceed, and runs warrant checks. Creative financing plans make bail a possibility. When the company needed a lobby sign that would communicate this brand message to visiting clients, the management team contacted our sign pros. We suggested the design of one of our brushed metal lobby signs for businesses in Santa Ana, CA.

Brushed Metal Presents a Professional Appearance at a Good Cost

To achieve a more pronounced three-dimensional look, we started with a Gatorfoam base. This material is inexpensive and suitable for holding a variety of finishes. We cut the material into the font the management team chose for the company’s lettering display. Next, we added the brushed metal facings. This finish is ideally suited for a variety of presentation areas. In the case of Velocity Bail Bonds, we mounted the lettering to the focal wall that receives illumination from two spotlights as well as standard office lighting. This setup creates an eye-catching image that is heightened by the black sides of the letters.

Brushed Metal Not to Your Taste? You Have Options!

Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Signs for Santa Ana Businesses

Brushed metal offers a professional look!

If you are not sure that you like the look of brushed metal, or if you want to try some other finishes, you have plenty of options.

  • Acrylic. Another favorite is acrylic. The material allows for high gloss and matte finish presentations. We can mount it as facings to indoor-rated foam or cut the lettering directly from the material.
  • Plastic. Molded plastic makes it possible to display your lettering with prismatic faces. Clients like this presentation because it is unique and adds plenty of the eye candy quality to the mix. Companies in the arts as well as in architecture like this approach.
  • Wall graphic. Some clients no longer request three-dimensional lobby signs and instead ask for wall graphics instead. You see this trend taking shape in the manufacturing sector. Because it is possible to mimic a 3D appearance with the printed vinyl, consider combining wall graphics with dimensional letters for an eye-popping result.
  • Illuminated signage. Lobby signs offer a vehicle for the use of LEDs. Acrylic boards, for example, make it possible to install lighting products that will cause the item to appear bathed in a halo of illumination.
Lobby Signs made of Brushed Metal Santa Ana CA

Add logos, license numbers or 3D letters that reveal your motto!

Some businesses are now also discussing the use of boutique materials. Examples would include lumber types, glass, or stone. Depending on the nature of your company, selecting one of these off-menu materials may work very well to encapsulate your brand message.

Learn More About Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses in Santa Ana, CA

When you are in the market for a reception area sign, making the right selection is crucial. Since this product sets the tone for the office’s overall ambiance and determines the look, we recommend discussing your design plans with our graphic artists. We work with you to get your message across with style!

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