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Cohesive Vinyl Graphics Help American Martial Arts Market Their Businesses in Orange County

 Sep 01, 2015

There are plenty of ways to use vinyl graphics to market multiple businesses in Orange County. Case in point is the American Martial Arts Academy. With locations in Fullerton and Placentia, this company trains even the youngest students in the fine arts of character development and karate. Loyal readers of our blog remember that we treated the academy’s van at the Fullerton location last year.

First in Fullerton

Karate School Van Wraps Orange County

We wrapped two vans for their Fullerton location in Orange County!

These van wraps display the company’s colors, provides contact and niche information while it expertly brands the programs that make this school stand out from among the competition. Once we were done with the van, the company also asked us to treat the windows of their location. We created large-size sheets that show off the company’s colors and explain more about the academy and its approach to working with youngsters.

Window Graphics for Karate Schools in Orange County

We also added vinyl window graphics for their Fullerton location!

Next: Placentia

Just recently, the American Martial Arts Academy invited us to work for them again. This time, we applied matching window graphics to the school’s Placentia location. Just like in Fullerton, these window graphics brand the business, market the programs and provide information on the advantages that children experience when enrolled here. In the coming weeks, we will also work on treating another van that the company is acquiring.

Window graphics for karate schools in Placentia CA

Matching window graphics for their Placentia location!

The Advantage of Cohesive Signage across Multiple Locations

Signs have the power to create name recognition and enhance brand awareness. When your business operates multiple locations, it makes sense to have consistent signage looks to support this process. Franchisors have known for a long time that controlling the look of these products is vital to the national marketing of a chain of restaurants, cleaning businesses or retail stores.

The same is true when your company is ready to expand across town. While you might make some allowances for the setup of the façade and the look of the interior, the overall look and feel of the markers should be as identical as possible. In other words, if you have used channel letters at one location, do so at the second one as well. When your window graphics communicate your branding message in a certain manner, ensure that your new set of graphics at the latest location follows suit.

Karate School Window Graphics Orange County

Brand using vinyl applications at multiple locations!

Remember to Include Multiple Platforms, Too!

This company includes mobile marketing among its tools for quickly making a name for itself among its target demographic. By working with our signage experts on window as well as on van graphics, this business succeeds at branding among multiple advertising platforms. In fact, this is something that you frequently see with fleet operators. While not all their vehicles are the same makes and models, they all sport a cohesive wrap that identifies the business.

When you are ready to explore new ways to use vinyl graphics to market multiple businesses in Orange County, contact the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics. Our experts work with you on creating the right look for one, two or more locations. In addition, we ensure that your artwork stays on file, which makes it easy to continue marketing with the right vinyl graphics when you open your next location. Call us today to get started.

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