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Concourse Signs Commemorate Players at Cal State Fullerton Soccer Field

 Aug 27, 2015

Do you remember when we did the Cal State Fullerton Stadium vinyl wall wrap? We took a somewhat drab wall surface and turned it into a sleek backdrop for winning soccer games. With tournament appearances listed and the Titans’ mascot keeping close watch on the goings on, this wall is a now an excellent expression of CSUF pride. Not too long ago, the Athletics Department contacted us again. This time, they needed stadium concourse signs. For Orange County schools, this is an excellent opportunity to show off team achievements in a broad range of disciplines.

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Commemorate players with signs and graphics!

After we met with the department’s representatives, we designed, manufactured and installed three separate graphic panels. They display the names of all-star soccer players as well as their achievements, spanning a number of years. We included players from the men’s as well as the women’s soccer teams. The third panel displays the names of the school’s football greats. Since the school does not currently have a football program, these athletes’ achievements will also be remembered in the soccer stadium. These panels provide future and current students with a reminder of what hard work and dedication can lead to.

Commissioning Athletic Field Signs and Graphics in Orange County

Athletic Field Wall Graphics

And, they complement the wall graphics nicely!

The display of field signs is not limited to the recognition of outstanding athletes. In some cases, these graphics help to recognize beloved coaches and generous donors. By allowing them to be displayed where athletes and spectators can see them, your organization builds community goodwill and creates a team spirit that does not just involve the players but also the members of the coaching staff and of the business community who make the games possible in the first place.

Signage Options

The use of aluminum panels with vinyl overlays is a durable method for adding this signage to your stadium. The materials are sturdy and the use of the vinyl allows for intricate printing and plenty of detail additions. We recommend the use of a matte finish to prevent sun glare from making the text difficult to read during the day. Of course, you do have other options as well.

Acrylic panels beautify any wall and allow for the use of routed lettering or the addition of vinyl overlays. When you want to make a special commemoration for an individual or a small group of people, consider the installation of an etched plaque. Available in a broad range of metals, a plaque adds permanence to the display that enhances the overall atmosphere of your venue.

Acrylic panels for athletic fields in Orange County

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Placing Your Order

Contact the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics for more information on the broad range of signage options that are open to you when commemorating players, coaches and donors at your stadium or other venue. We work with you on the design of a signage product that meets your needs and fits in beautifully with the look and feel of the location. We can use artwork that you already have on file to brand your team and enhance the team spirit of your players. If you prefer, we can create a design from the ground up that does not rely on available graphics. Contact us today to get started.

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