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Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields for COVID-19 Prevention in Orange County, CA!

 Jul 13, 2020

The recent mandate to re-close some businesses, which had opened, underscores the importance of safety precautions. These are quickly becoming the new normal in a changing business environment. Cases in point are clear acrylic sneeze guard shields in Orange County CA. Did you know that we have them on hand?

Why Are Sneeze Guards so Difficult to Find?

Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields in Orange County CA

The standard sneeze guard consists of clear acrylic. It is a favorite product for sign makers. However, few shops thought of putting in their orders for these products when COVID-19 began. As a result, there are now many acrylic sheets on backorder.

Who Uses Acrylic Shields?

Contour Cutting Acrylic Sheets in Buena Park CA

You have undoubtedly seen these shields go up in grocery stores across the country. Management teams seek to cut down on the spread of germs and airborne pathogens. These sneeze guards are also essential in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Fabricating Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields

Superior Signs and Graphics just recently sold 48 acrylic shields to a manufacturing facility that needed to separate its assembly line employees. Having the sneeze guards in place allowed the business to reopen safely.

Custom made clear acrylic shields for retailers in Orange County CA

We also filled an order from the local elementary school district. The administration plans to install them in-house with its own staff. Therefore, we pre-drilled holes following the specifications the client offered. Moreover, we rounded the corners, which eliminates any sharp edges that cut hurt young learners.

Superior Signs and Graphics Has Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards in Stock for Customization

Plexiglass COVID-19 Shields and Barriers in Orange County CA

Do not mar the chic branding you have put in place within your store or office by simply placing generic Plexiglas sheets between employees and customers. Instead, work with our team to get the acrylic sheets you want in shapes and sizes that complement your setup.

Custom Made Sneeze Guards in Anaheim CA

  • Inventory on hand. We do not have to hunt for the material. Our shop has it in stock now and can fill your orders quickly. This quick turnaround could enable you to reopen or remain open.
  • CNC router on site. Moreover, we do not outsource the customization of the products. When you envision a unique shape or rounded edges, we can accommodate you. Because we invested in state-of-the-art sign-making equipment early on, our turnaround times are fast. That is why we are able to offer these clear acrylic sneeze guard shields in Orange County CA so fast!
  • Design versatility. For example, would you like semi-circle acrylic or metal feet that hold your acrylic sheets in place? Would you rather have predrilled holes that let you hang the products from the ceiling? We can also do X-shaped guards that crate a quadrant of four workspaces on a conference room table. With just a couple of extra pieces, our technicians can turn the product into a six or eight-space work area.

You Can Buy Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Shields in Orange County, CA, Today!

Custom Made Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Our inventory currently includes ¼” and 3/16” thicknesses, which are among the most popular products on the market right now. Connect with our sign shop to discuss your sneeze guard needs and the design preferences you have. Best of all, you can specify the overall presentation that will become part of your interior décor. For example, why not add etched and frosted vinyl with a welcome message to your customers? Call today!

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