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Cal State Fullerton Intramural Wall of Fame Recognizes Student Athletes, Teams, and Coaches!

 Jul 24, 2019

Brushed Aluminum Student Athlete Wall of Fame | Fullerton CA

We have done a lot of work for Cal State Fullerton. In the past, we did the Titan shops’ concession kiosk wrap. Our team also printed and installed van decals for the Titan shops. When the school’s administration contacted us this time, it wanted to recognize its student athletes with an intramural wall of fame. We suggested the use of aluminum composite panels.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing an Intramural Wall of Champions

Walls of Fame made with Aluminum Panels in Fullerton CA

Honoring all that coached, played and officiated!

The specs we received specified a setup that would recognize athletes of the various disciplines. Examples include indoor soccer, softball, and volleyball. But there would also be space for the team and official of the year. Finally, there would be a sportsmanship award.

To present these various team and athletes’ names in an organized manner, we opted for aluminum composite panels with brushed faces. Five identically sized panels went up with one-eighth-of-an-inch-thick acrylic lettering that spells out the category headings. At a trophy shop, we had an expert engrave the nameplates for the athletes and teams.

For the heading, we used three-eighth-of-an-inch-thick aluminum lettering as a title over the wall. We mounted these letters flush to the wall whereas we used standoffs to install the aluminum composite panels. Previously, we had installed brushed aluminum lettering for the conference room as well as the exterior building letters for the Recreational Facility.

Aluminum Composite Panel Uses

3D Acrylic Letters for School Buildings in Fullerton CA

We had previously installed these 3D letters on the rec center!

The development of a wall of fame is a common application for these panels. They look elegant, add a sleek bit of room décor to any interior setting, and allow for an organized presentation of information. You frequently also see this setup for the employee of the month designation and similar corporate recognition.

However, you do not have to limit yourself to these uses. Panels made of aluminum composite are excellent signage options that can take on a variety of functions.

  • Wayfinding signs. Because of the material’s sturdiness, the panels are excellent indoor and outdoor signs. When you need wayfinding markers, these signs deliver. We can imprint them directly or apply printed vinyl overlays.
  • Security signs. Alert visitors to your venue that there are areas off-limits. If you employ surveillance cameras on your property, disclose their presence with these panels.
  • Parking lot signage. When you outfit a parking lot with ADA-compliant signs, consider using aluminum composite. We can mount it to poles and walls as needed.

How to Buy Aluminum Composite Panel Signs

Intramural Wall of Fame for Schools in Orange County CA

Ready to order your intramural wall of fame?

When you are ready to add the sleek, durable presentation of aluminum panels to your signage setup, our sign shop can help. We gladly assist you with the design of the markers as well as the manufacturing and installation of the finished product. Most importantly, we will ensure that we meet your brand message specifications.

If you are not sure how you want the finished product to look, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. This expert can take your idea and create a sign from the ground up around it. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your next project!

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