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RE/MAX Agent in Bellflower Brands Offices with 3D Logo Signs for Professional Look!

 Jul 16, 2019

3D Logo Signs | Realtors | Bellflower CA

Located at 16536 Bellflower Boulevard, RE/MAX Innovative is the team of Eloy Villamil. When the firm needed two lobby signs to outfit its offices, the team selected 3D logo signs.

Driving Home the Brand Message with Three-Dimensional Lobby Signs

We created two signs that have a slightly different presentation. The first one begins with an acrylic design. It features brushed metal faces and a full-color vinyl print on the iconic RE/MAX balloon to showcase the custom colors. Our installers mounted it to the front of the reception desk.

3D Logo Lobby Signs | Realtors | Bellflower CA

3D Logos help you boost brand name identity!

The second sign is larger. We created it to be a wall sign. We started with foam elements to which we added brushed metal faces and the same full-color balloon overlay. It now brands interactions by displaying right behind the specialist’s chair during meetings. This approach is an excellent method for creating brand knowledge.

Look closely, and you will notice that the brushed silver color looks great against the light gray wall backdrop. Because the color is muted, the bright sheen of the style elements adds a chic visual counterpoint. Illumination heightens the aesthetics. Besides that, both designs are excellent for the slightly industrial interior décor appeal that the office possesses.

Turning Lobby Signs into Interior Décor Showpieces

Reception Desk 3D Logo Signs Bellflower CA

Add logos to your reception desk!

It is fair to say that RE/MAX Innovative has selected the perfect signage design for its venue. You can do something similar. With the assistance of our graphic artist, you have the opportunity to create a signage setup that fits in perfectly with your brand message while also becoming a part of the artwork.

  • Metal lobby signs. Metal is always a good option for all types of lobby signs. Whether it is a brushed aluminum finish or a Cor-Ten steel presentation, metal hits all the right notes. We help you select a type that could be ideally suited for your brand message.
  • Style elements. Choose a lobby logo presentation that uses a board as a backdrop or opt for standalone letters. Your choice enables you to play around with the style elements and include or avoid a framed look.
  • Illumination. More and more business owners are now looking for an added wow-factor. Built-in lighting is an excellent idea. Consider the use of white or colorful LEDs that can provide either a gentle halo effect or a much more pronounced emphasis for the various style elements. Besides being a light source, remember that nothing catches the attention of the consumer better than lighting.

Shopping for 3D Logo Signs in Southern California

Real Estate 3D Logo Signs Bellflower CA

3D Logos signs the popular choice for Realtors!

Whether you are in Los Angeles or Orange County, our sign shop can assist you with the three-dimensional signage you need to stand out. Many clients already know what they are looking for. If you have specs in hand, we can work off those.

That said, we could also assist with the design from the ground up. Our graphic artist gladly works up some plans that would show how a 3D sign could change the way that visitors to your lobby engage with your brand.

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