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Commercial Vinyl Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA Brand Delivery Company!

 Dec 30, 2019

Family-owned since 2004, A&M Church and School Furniture represents more than 35 manufacturers of chairs, tables, indoor as well as outdoor furniture. When the company bought a new box truck, the management team decided to enter the mobile marketing revolution with commercial vinyl truck graphics in Yorba Linda CA. That is when the team contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Brand-Centric Box Truck Graphics Support Brand Awareness Building

Commercial Vinyl Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA

The client requested that our artist should design the vinyl vehicle graphics. After doing so and receiving approval to continue to production, we opted for 3M cast vinyl, which is ideally suited for the surfaces of the truck that we treated.

Installers then prepared the truck’s surfaces to guarantee excellent adhesion of the vinyl. Because the entire project – from inception to installation – is handled by our crew in-house, we were able to ensure superior quality control. Now, the box truck impresses with the company’s name and logo, a tag line, and contact information.

Entrusting Your Vehicle Graphics Project to 3M Certified Installers

Commercial Delivery Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA

Our shop spent some time working with the experts at 3M. Hosting regular training sessions for installers, 3M ensures that its products get the treatment they require for an excellent performance. This training is not for the faint of hard.

It involves classroom lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and an evaluation by experts in the field who specialize in detail work. Our shop went through this rigorous training and passed. Therefore, we can call ourselves 3M certified installers. This is not a designation that many sign shops offer.

Box Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA

However, it is one that benefits our vehicle graphics clients. When you work with our experts, you know that you deal with specialists who learned from the manufacturer how to treat the vinyl that we transform into a finished product for your business. Most importantly, you know that everything – from imprinting to installation – will be done according to specs.

Advertising with Vinyl Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA

Delivery Truck Graphics in Yorba Linda CA

If your company and its delivery truck have not yet joined the mobile marketing revolution, consider this your wakeup call. It is a fantastic way of introducing your brand to a new consumer base. Besides that, you support brand awareness among customers who have already heard of your company. Similarly, you can drive brand knowledge that could result in new business.

In addition to vehicle graphics, our sign shop also specializes in vehicle wraps. The full wrap is considered the Cadillac of the selection. You maximize your advertising and branding surfaces. Therefore, you can capitalize on the size of a truck-sized display.

That said, you could also have a respectable impact with a partial wrap. This product might take up a quarter, half, or three-quarters of the vehicle’s exterior surface. We can skillfully integrate the wrap product with the base color of the vehicle for seamless coverage. In contrast, we can also create a clear demarcation of where the wrap begins or ends. Both approaches have artistic merit.

Best of all, you do not need to have a complete design plan on hand. We gladly design your specs from the ground up. Doing so puts you in the driver’s seat of your brand presentation. It also empowers you to make subtle changes if you have been considering a rebranding.

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