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Cal State Fullerton City Van Branded by Superior Signs and Graphics!

 Feb 09, 2022

Did you know that vehicle graphics in Fullerton, CA, get your business exposure? When your company uses a car, truck, or van in the course of the workday, those seeing the vehicle are exposed to the message you want to get across. For some business owners, this means adding to the brand story they are telling. For others, it is a fantastic means of advertising specific products or services. 

Case Study: Cal State Fullerton Campus Dining Presents TSU Food Court Catering

Vehicle Graphics in Fullerton CA

Cal State Fullerton understands the impact that vinyl graphics can have on any space. In the past, Superior Signs and Graphics did a variety of vinyl panels for the CSUF Fresh Kitchen Restaurant. Besides that, we also extended the reach of brands in the campus’ student union area. This time, the school wanted us to treat a delivery vehicle. 

This City van is an extension of the Campus Dining program. Participants use it to deliver products as part of the TSU Food Court Catering experience. Because it is a delivery van, the school realized that it could be ideally suited for helping the program gain exposure. However, because it is a school program and not an independent business, these graphics had to be understated to make it clear at one glance that there was something different going on here.

city van graphics in fullerton, ca

Our visual artist went to work and created a graphics product that represents the best of both worlds. The composition of the style elements is simple, inexpensive, and highly effective. Our technicians used perforated vinyl on the rear window and wrapped a portion of the van’s sides. The selective presentation of the details catches the attention of passersby and encourages them to look closely and find out more. 

What Could Vehicle Graphics Do For Your Business, School, or Non-Profit?

custom designed graphics and wraps for vans in fullerton, ca

For Cal State Fullerton, TSU Food Court Catering is a fantastic way of having the community at large invest in the University. Because Campus Dining is a non-profit organization operating within the school, it donates a large portion of net income back. 

You may have different needs that the use of vehicle graphics could support. 

  • Brand differentiation. If you operate an organization within your organization, the vehicle graphics are an excellent method for drawing attention to the program. 
  • Expand your reach. Delivery vehicles, in particular, are excellent for making sure that more and more prospective customers find out about your business. 
  • Product awareness. Do consumers know that your business even exists? Are they aware of a business model that might differ from what they are used to with competitors? Vehicle graphics let you set the tone for this information exchange. 

How to Buy Vehicle Graphics in Fullerton, CA, That Get Your Business Exposure

fullerton, ca window graphics for vehicles

By now, it is clear that you do not have to spend a fortune to build your brand and advertise a product or service. Money-saving opportunities abound with the use of partial vehicle wraps and graphics products. For the business that wants to take advantage of their car, truck, or van’s entire exterior, there are full wraps. 

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