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Looking For RV Trailer Graphics in Orange County?

 Sep 14, 2014
RV Trailer Graphics Orange County

Personalize your RV with trailer graphics!

Recreational vehicle trailer graphics for Orange County businesses or consumers are a big deal. Just ask Floor Repair Pro. Members of the flooring business for almost four decades, these professionals tackle anything from carpet repairs to wood floor installations and tile as well as stone flooring. Last year, Superior Signs and Graphics got the call to do van graphics for Floor Repair Pro. Remembering the sleek and professional appearance, this time around the company called us to redo the old faded graphics on a SunnyBrook travel trailer.

Recreational vehicle graphics Orange County

We started with an all-white RV trailer…

The owner’s wife visited our workshop to sit down with our expert trailer graphics professionals. Together, we worked on customized design packages. She chose to treat the front window cover with a black backdrop that features a cat as well as her initials. Since this is an older trailer, it featured aluminum siding, which is notoriously difficult to work with during a graphics installation. Would this material hamper our installation? No, of course not! We continued the black theme on a wrap-around stripe that also features red and gold accents. This perfectly harmonizes with the red of the initials, the top stripe and the rear lights.

Vehicle graphics for RV trailers Orange County

What a difference these graphics make!

Do you need new RV trailer graphics? Orange County hobbyists and professionals know that a trailer – or motor home or fifth wheel – with faded graphics simply does not look good. Yet with constant sun exposure, it is almost inevitable for some of the graphics to fade well before the trailer is ready for retirement. This is where our experts come in. Do not try to touch up the graphics yourself or add random stickers to have some colorful splotches on your trailer. Instead, entrust our car wrap department with this type of job as well.

Replace faded graphics

Take years off the look of your RV simply by getting new colorful graphics and lettering added. Rather than looking washed out and faded, your trailer now looks like it just recently rolled out of the factory.

Trailer graphics Orange County

Now this RV expresses the owner’s personality!

Get creative

I you would simply like to restore your trailer to its former glory, we can help. If you want to go for the gusto, let us set you up with a custom RV graphics package. Add personal touches, special graphics, initials, nature scenes and other scenes that are important to you.

Full wrap

To really stand out from the crowd, consider the installation of a full wrap. Whether you want an American patriot’s look or something that underscores your love of nature, hunting or fishing, we can work up a backdrop that makes your RV unique, attractive and instantaneously recognizable. If you frequently travel with clubs or in convoys, this is a great idea.

Personal RV trailer graphics Orange County

Look at the detail!


Extension of your vehicle wrap

But what happens when you are a business owner? If the trailer plays a role in your business, make it an extension of your already wrapped automobile, truck or van. Allow it to spread the word while traveling across the city, state or even the country. This is particularly crucial if your brand is nationally recognized. If it is not yet, having a distinctive wrap or decal set installed can greatly enhance your company’s name recognition.

Orange County RV trailer graphics and wraps

Want your RV to stand out?

We’re all about creating unique vehicle wraps and graphics! Make your recreational vehicle one-of-a-kind today!

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