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Brand Your Orange County Business with Custom Lobby Signs!

 Apr 20, 2016

You find TCI Precision Metals at 240 East Rosecrans Avenue in Gardena. This company specializes in the sale of machine-ready metals that let you get to work on manufacturing rather than the material prep. E-Z LOK operates at the same location. This family-owned business produces threaded inserts for a broad range of equipment applications.

Custom lobby signs for businesses in Orange County CA

Dimensional lettering with contrasting colors a bold look!

When these companies needed custom lobby signs in Orange County, CA, the management team contacted us for assistance. We met with the clients to learn more about the desired signage display with respect to top billing, sizing, and mounting preferences. We designed, manufactured and installed a setup that gives TCI the top billing and centers the display for E-Z LOK right underneath.

To display the brands, the management team decided to select foam as the material. We used Gatorfoam, which is sturdy and durable. After perfectly matching the colors of the companies’ names and logos, we painted the pieces and mounted them on the wall behind the receptionist’s desk. Doing so ensures that visitors to the location know they can find both brands at this distribution center.

Customizing Signage for a Dual Display

Foam Letter Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Foam a durable material for lobby signs!

It is not as rare as you might think to show the name and logo for two separate businesses in one location. Smaller companies frequently team up to rent a larger space that accommodates their operations and offers the perks of a bigger structure. The same goes for office spaces. Businesses that desire to move into a class “A” office building may not have the funds to pull off the lease on their own; by teaming up with multiple other companies, they share the costs and the space.

Customizing the signage displays for multi-company locations is easy when the businesses use a similar color display or font. When this is not the case, we work with the management team(s) to create a configuration that does justice to each firm’s presentation while not generating a visual setup that may be top heavy or uneven. We always recommend that each company should use the same material for its lobby sign to tie the design together.

Lobby Signage Solutions

It is interesting to note that the choice of materials is identical to what you might expect for a single-occupant layout. Foam is a budget-friendly solution that nevertheless delivers with a decided wow factor. We can paint it or laminate it with acrylic or metal. If you desire the look of a dramatic wall setup, foam is your best bet for a three-dimensional presentation. Acrylic logo boards are ideal for a contemporary look with a utilitarian flair. You might also consider the material for dimensional letters. Another excellent material choice is metal.

Other custom lobby signs in Orange County, CA, include vinyl murals that cover the entirety of a wall. This is a highly artistic means of presenting the presence of more than one company. Of course, you could just as easily customize it for your business alone. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about lobby signage options that can turn your reception area from bland to wow in a blink.

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