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Signs and Graphics for Churches in Orange County CA!

 Apr 21, 2016

Do you remember the friendly folks at the City Harvest Church in Aliso Viejo? Initially, we created window graphics for this congregation. A short while later, the board invited us back to add a building sign. The group chose a front lit channel letter product that would make wayfinding easy and brand the church in the process. A representative of the board called us again to discuss additional signs and graphics for churches with congregations in Orange County, CA. While the faith community previously shared the building with another congregation, it now had taken over ownership of the entire venue. As a result, the group needed us to come out and treat the additional windows they could now access.

Channel letters for churches in Orange County CA

Channel letters for churches!

Window graphics for churches in Orange County CA

Window graphics for churches!

We also worked with another congregation not too long ago. This one, too, is a repeat client. The Guidestone Church, which you may remember as the First Church of Buena Park, needed updated lightbox panels for its monument. Bringing an encouraging message to congregants and prospective members is necessary for a church that seeks to welcome new and returning worshipers on a regular basis.

Signage Matters (and not just in business)

Signs and graphics for churches in Orange County CA

New sign panels for exterior cabinet signs!

You might think that there is no need for a faith community to invest in its signage. After all, why should it need to brand or advertise? Savvy marketers know that signage does a lot more than convey a “buy me” message to the consumer. Signs succeed in creating an expectation for an experience. They target a specific demographic that will connect with the product not just on a basic communication level but also on a gut level. For these folks, the presence of an inviting signage choice can make the difference between stepping through the doors to check out the congregation or staying home for fear of not fitting in.

Possible Signs for Churches in Orange County, CA

You already know that we handle building signs and window graphics that give passerby a hint at the church’s overall atmosphere. We also upgrade, refurbish or install box cabinets. There is a collection of additional signage options that might be just right for your faith community.

Banner Stands for Churches in Orange County

Banner stands for churches!

  • Campus maps. If your church uses multiple buildings for children’s programs, Sunday school lessons, and similar activities, or if there is a school on the premises as well, it makes sense to invest in campus maps. Outfitted with a “you are here” dot, this product installs as a post and panel marker for easy wayfinding.
  • Wall wraps and murals. These products are ideal for the children’s ministry where entire scenes from the Bible come to life with colorful depictions.
  • Banners. Welcome the faithful to annual celebrations, special events or fundraisers. Part wayfinding and part branding solution, these banners encourage traffic to a faith community’s website where you may post details about the scheduled event. Using this signage solution has the added benefit of introducing your church to passersby who may not have had any contact with it.

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