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Bizol Oil Promotes Service Center with Sprinter Van Graphics!

 May 28, 2015

Are you familiar with Bizol? Made in Germany, it is a premium synthetic motor oil that represents a new import for American drivers. When it was time to spread the word about this amazing new product on store shelves, the management team of the Fullerton Bizol office contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

A Comprehensive Signage Approach

Sprinter Van Graphics Fullerton CA

Promotional van graphics a great way to advertise!

With the goal of generating a buzz, the company’s representatives asked that we design, manufacture and install promotional van graphics for Fullerton, CA. The hood of the company’s van now features the product name as well as the company’s logo. The back shows off contact information and explains what this brand is about. This information is repeated in more detail on the sides. Encouraging customers to visit the website, the graphics are teasers that leave consumers wanting more.

To provide this additional information, the management team ordered a banner stand for its lobby. This banners picks up the conversation that was begun with the sprinter van graphics. For Fullerton, CA, station owners and auto supply store buyers, this set of graphics whets their appetites for even more details and specs, which a consultation with a company representative will provide. Rounding out the order were the window decals that display the company’s logo and provide information on the hours of operation that this business keeps.

Sprinter van graphics Orange County

An all-white van before the graphics…

What Is Driving Traffic to Your Service Center?

Do you operate a service center? Whether it is a service station, a call center or a walk-up customer service business, you need to reel in foot traffic and cause motorists to pull into the parking lot. Vehicle graphics help you in your efforts to create name recognition. In addition, they create a buzz. This is particularly helpful if you are operating a new franchise location, are introducing a new product or want to call attention to new niche services you provide.

Orange County Sprinter Van Wraps

…is instantly turned into a branding machine!

Lobby markers, on the other hand, continue this conversation by explaining just a little more about the product or service. Without going into too much detail, they actually serve to enhance the curiosity of those who have made the time to visit you. Banner stands and similar tradeshow displays are excellent markers for achieving this kind of effect. Of course, these signage solutions prepare the customer or client for interactions with your sales staff. Now working with customers who know the basic information, your staff can apply your sales strategy during the interactions.

What Signage do You Need?

Vehicle vinyl graphics are essential. The combination of lettering and graphics turns heads. Enhance your visibility even more with a full vehicle wrap. For your lobby, we recommend a combination of banner stands, framed posters and window graphics. Each signage solution has the potential of displaying a different aspect of your product or service, which keeps the consumer engaged with your brand while waiting to be served.

How are van graphics made?

Printing the Sprinter van graphics!

Call us today to discuss your order. We work with you to customize a signage package that meets your needs and draws in the consumer with graphics, your brand and your marketing messages. (Scroll below to see even more images of these amazing van graphics)!

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Vehicle graphics Orange County

Even the hood got attention!


Van graphics Fullerton CA

Vibrant from all sides!


Vehicle graphics and wraps Orange County


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