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Graffiti-Free Building Sign for Buena Park Medical Center Sways Lawbreakers

 May 04, 2014
Anti-graffiti exterior building signs Buena Park CA

Brand and protect your building sign!

Graffiti removal is a major neighborhood preservation goal for Orange County neighborhoods. It is interesting to note that this crime is cyclical in nature. As noted by the Orange County Register, it is not unusual to receive reports of about 324 tagging incidents between June and September. When school is out for the summer, graffiti incidents are on the rise, which strongly hints at the nature of the typical perpetrator.

The Metamorphosis Medical Center is familiar not just with graffiti but also youthful offenders. Located at 8081 Stanton Avenue in Buena Park, part of its business is the removal of tattoos. This, of course, brings the professionals into contact with clients whose youthful decision-making was not always beneficial to themselves or the community.

To avoid the repeat expense of graffiti removal from the clinic’s property, the management team has decided on the installation of anti-graffiti signs. For Orange County professionals, this decision usually results in a call to Superior Signs and Graphics.

Graffiti-free exterior building signs Orange County

Keep your building signs safe from graffiti!

What Makes This Signage Decision so Useful?

  • Invisible coating. The coating we use to protect your marker is impossible to detect with the naked eye. Your information is not marred or blurred in any way.
  • Long lasting. The protection against destruction from graffiti lasts for the duration of the sign. The coating is easy to clean up, which allows the building’s janitorial team to simply wipe down a tagged sign and not leave a trace of spray paint or marker behind.
  • Pays for itself. Adding the anti-graffiti coating pays for itself. Consider the repeated expense of replacing a destroyed sign. Even if you choose the most economically priced marker currently available, repeat offenders may target your business and require you to consistently replace your signage. With the coating, these offenders can choose to target you for tagging as much as they like, their “artwork” does not remain in place for longer than a few hours.
  • Ideal for all types of signs. Professional building signs are just some examples of areas where anti-graffiti coatings come in handy. Other markers that benefit from this treatment are those around schools, railroads, loading docks and roads.

How to Choose Your Perfectly Protected Sign

Graffiti-free exterior building signs for Orange County businesses are easy to design and choose. When you work with our experienced sign artists, we help you choose the right shape and substrate for the marker. Choose from aluminum, acrylic or foam that is rated for outdoor usage. We then work with you on the look and feel of the message that you are going to communicate to consumers.

Do you want your marker to offer a lot of details or do you want to restrict the message to only include your company’s name and logo? Next, we discuss color choices. There are plenty of options open, and we usually recommend that you heavily draw from the logo colors when choosing the tones that accompany your message. As we manufacture your sign, we treat it with the anti-graffiti coating. Once completed, we install the marker at the perfect location on your property.

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