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Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park Spruces Things Up With Vinyl Wall Lettering!

 May 01, 2014
Vinyl wall lettering Buena Park CA

Inspirational vinyl wall lettering!

When you use vinyl wall lettering for Buena Park, CA, organizations, you have the power to inspire visitors and beautify your property all in one move. Case in point is the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. Located at 7758 Knott Avenue in Buena Park, the organization works with members of the community as well as local businesses to serve the area’s youth. Building skills, instilling confidence and encouraging healthy lifestyles are just a few of the goals that this organization has.

When the club building needed a little sprucing up, the Boys & Girls Club contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We discussed the use of long-wearing cut vinyl lettering as a way to instantly change the look and feel of the space. The management team approved the addition of wall lettering that not only brands with the help of the organization’s logo, but also inspires those who see the graphics with encouraging messages that also carry a call to action.

Conference room posters and prints Buena Park CA

We also brightened their meeting room!

When you have a space in your venue that needs instant beautification, but framed wall art or a paint job are not what you are looking for, consider the use of vinyl wall lettering.

  • Attractive. Available in a wide variety of colors, this lettering is precision-cut. There are no nicked edges and small tears that are usually the hallmarks of generic store-bought vinyl graphics.
  • Customizable. Whether you want to focus on a word, expression or full sentence, this material can accommodate you. You choose the color, size and typeface of the lettering. We manufacture and install the finished product for the best results.
  • Versatile. Display an encouraging message in your conference room; provide some food for thought for employees in the break room. Some businesses have begun using vinyl lettering and decals in lieu of lobby signs. Mix and match your letters with a mural background or keep them simply on the existing wall space.
  • Fits in. Your lettering can become a focal point on an otherwise bland wall space that is too big to visually integrate into your overall interior design setup without help. When hallways are narrow and framed wall art is simply not feasible, the flat vinyl provides the perfect solution.
  • Inexpensive. Painting a wall mural is costly. The same is true for repainting a whole room just to change the atmosphere a little bit. With vinyl letters and graphics, you save quite a bit of money on an upgrade that is almost instantaneous.

By the way, you do not have to confine your wall decorations to just the letters. Add decals that further enhance your message. Beautify the space with niche-specific graphics that also help with branding. Remember, enhancing name recognition and brand awareness with visitors to your organization or business should always be a priority.

When you are ready to spruce up your venue, talk to our friendly graphic artists. We help you choose the right letter size and discuss spatial as well as color-specific suggestions. Once we are finished manufacturing your product, we will install it for an expert fit and look.

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