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Anaheim Convention Center Car Park Gets Custom Graphics for Pay Booths!

 Jun 21, 2018

Vinyl Graphics for Parking Lot Pay Booths Anaheim CA

Located at 800 West Katella Avenue, the Anaheim Convention Center is a major Southern California expo, convention, and championship venue. The facility operates seven car park areas as well as a variety of overflow lots. When a representative of the venue’s management team contacted us, it was to discuss car park custom graphics in Anaheim, CA.

Turning Cashier Booths from Drab to Fab with Cast Vinyl

Toll Booth Vinyl Graphics Anaheim CA

A look at the pay booths before the vinyl graphics!

Vinyl Graphics for Parking Lot and Toll Booths Anaheim CA

The new vinyl graphics make a huge difference!

Visitors to the venue pay as they enter the car parks. The facility has set up six cashier booths for this reason. Before we treated them, they displayed a generic white color. After consulting with our client, we designed a sky blue graphics setup with the Convention Center’s logo. It also presents “Car Park 1” as a designation.

Our technicians used 3M cast vinyl to ensure the product’s longevity. The fronts of the booths now stand out because of their color schemes. Moreover, they add a level of professionalism to the overall setting. The colors also make the booths easier to see. All lettering will match the large sign panels that we are working on now for this structure.

Wraps are Not Just for Vehicles Anymore

Parking Garage Pay Booth Graphics Anaheim CA

Vinyl graphics allowed us to add the city’s logo!

Wrapping a cashier’s booth may have been a first. After all, most anyone knows that vinyl wraps are ideally suited for vehicles. In fact, mobile marketing is now a movement that can help you to establish your business. But vinyl does so much more than just work on the exterior of cars.

  • Wall wraps. Another function of vinyl wraps is to cover walls. With murals or marketing messages displayed, these wall wraps change the look and feel of any location. For an overnight change in your atmosphere, they are highly effective.
  • Window wraps. Full window wraps turn your glass panels into active billboards. Choose a perforated vinyl to allow light to stream into your location. By the way, this type of vinyl also makes it possible to see outside. It is an excellent option when you have windows you do not need.
  • Display cases. In the retail environment, display cases should have eye-grabbing exteriors. Combine your marketing and branding messages with the right level of eye candy to get the attention of shoppers. This setup works for beverage cases, end cap displays, and bins.

As a general rule of thumb, we can wrap anything that features a non-porous exterior. Examples include metal, painted drywall, and glass. That said, we could cover several porous items such as some types of plastic. However, these wraps are intended for short-term presentations.

Thinking Through Your Needs for Custom Pay Booth Graphics in Anaheim, CA

Toll Booth Vinyl Graphics Anaheim CA

Ready to dress up your pay or toll booths?

How could your business message shine through with custom graphics? Is there a way that you can engage with consumers on the outside by adding colorful graphics to your overall venue presentation? You may not have cashier booths on your property, but you might have a garage or loading dock doors. If consumers see them, why not dress them up with your corporate colors and symbols?

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