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Custom Lobby Logo Sign for Newport Beach, CA Law Firm Adds Branding and an Upscale Look!

 Jun 15, 2018

Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP  provides estate planning services, business formation assistance, and tax planning for clients in and around Orange County. When the law firm needed a custom lobby logo sign for Newport Beach, CA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Dressing up Spaces with a Professional Lobby Sign that Impresses

We worked with the firm’s representative to create a product that encapsulates the brand message. Our technicians started with black PVC that we cut into the shape of the lettering in its iconic font.

Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Signs Newport Beach CA

Law firms require a professional lobby sign that brands!

Next, we added brushed metal faces. One exception is the green logo portion, which signifies a critical aspect of the branding. We took great care to size the marker precisely right. It fits perfectly onto the wall space provided, where it impresses with its understated elegance. Moreover, it creates a visual contrast to the gray wall backdrop, which further enhances the branding of the location.

Possible Materials for Your Lobby Sign

The combination of PVC and brushed metal is a good option for a lobby sign. It cuts down on the expense associated with the sign’s manufacturing, and it looks fantastic. That said, there are other choices, too.

  • Acrylic. The transparent material is a favorite among chic boutiques, physicians’ offices, and businesses dealing with creativity and the arts. We can paint it in any color you like. Choose acrylic for 3D letters or logo boards.
  • Metal. Aluminum is a favorite. However, we can also manufacture your lobby sign with stainless steel, copper, or a different material altogether. Although painting the metal is possible, most clients prefer to keep it in its natural tone.
  • Foam. Sign foam is the material of choice when you are planning for a large display with impressive shadow play. Consider the installation of a sign that measures up to three inches in depth. When you train spotlights at it with just the right angle, you create an impressive presentation.

Selecting the Extras

Lobby Logo Signs | Newport Beach CA

3D Letters and logos blend together nicely!

Should you choose a glossy or a matte finish? This decision depends in large part on your preference. However, the lighting situation at your location also plays a role. If there is a light that directly shines on the lobby sign, it is a better idea to opt for a matte finish. In this way, the illumination does not detract from the sign’s good looks.

Ordering your custom lobby logo sign for Newport Beach, CA, and its surrounding areas does not have to be difficult. Our experts can help you. We assist you with thinking through the options. In the process, we help with material selection, sizing, and wall placement. Let us settle the debate about dimensional letters versus a logo board.

Moreover, we can provide input if you are thinking of updating your other signage solutions, too. Frequently, business clients base other office signage on the appearance of the lobby marker. Doing so makes sense. It ensures a cohesive design appearance. In addition, it enables a consistent brand message display.

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