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Amazing Wall Graphics and Decals for Distribution Centers in Orange County, CA!

 Apr 10, 2023

Distribution centers are hubs of activity where products are received, sorted, stored, and shipped. As you can imagine, Amazon’s distribution centers are busy on any day of the week. Previously, we had done plenty of custom-designed wall graphics in Eastvale for employee communication zones and more. This time, we returned with security-focused custom wall graphics for distribution centers in Orange County, CA.

custom designed wall graphics in orange county, ca

Prioritizing Security with Giant Wall Decals for Warehouses

With so much activity focused on this space, it is important to prioritize security. Amazon determined that an effective way to deter people without authorization from entering was by creating a second wall and installing heavy-duty turnstiles.

Superior Signs and Graphics designed, produced, and installed a 120-foot-long wall wrap to welcome employees and visitors, reinforce the company’s leadership principles, and mark entrance and exit turnstiles. Since it is right at the entrance doors, it is the first time many visitors learn about the company’s management style.

custom wall graphics for distribution centers in orange county, ca

Obviously, the installation had to be perfect. Our technicians used a scissor lift to allow us to mount the imprinted vinyl without visible seams. The finished product is an excellent first impression and a friendly, welcoming message to workers.

warehouse wall graphics in Corona, ca

Warehouse Wall Graphics Support Safety and Security

Our shop imprints giant vinyl stickers with the client’s customized information on wall decals, graphics, and wraps. Did you know that we can install them on walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces? You can use them for decorative purposes, to convey important information, or to serve as a visual reminder.

What are some ways that wall graphics and decals for distribution centers can be used to enhance safety and security?

  • Security camera labels. Wall decals can enhance security by indicating the presence of security cameras. For example, decals with the image of a camera and the text “24-Hour Surveillance” deter potential intruders. Placing them in clear view could help prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Restricted area access. Because some areas of a distribution center will be off-limits to visitors, use wall graphics to define these areas of unauthorized access. For example, a decal with the image of a padlock could be placed on doors leading to restricted spaces. It is a great visual reminder.
  • Emergency information. In the event of an emergency, every second counts. Wall graphics and wraps provide essential information that helps people stay safe. Typical examples are decals with a picture of a fire extinguisher. Accompany the decal with vinyl lettering that spells out instructions.

giant wall decals for warehouses in orange county, ca

Outfit Your Commercial Space with Custom Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers in Orange County, CA

Imprinted vinyl graphics, decals, and wraps are versatile and practical tools for enhancing safety and security in distribution centers. Use them to warn of hazards, provide emergency information, indicate restricted areas, and boost facility security. You can create a safe and more secure environment using wall decals strategically. Best of all, it is a budget-friendly way of achieving this goal.

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