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Acrylic Wall Logo for Los Angeles Offices Adds a Professional Look!

 Nov 23, 2020

The friendly folks at Golden Sunset Escrows had a problem. Their offices at 1755 South Grand Avenue in Glendora needed a new wall sign. Handling escrows for residential, commercial, vacant lands, and mobile home properties, the lobby marker had to be perfectly brand-centric. As a result, the firm’s management team connected with our sign shop to discuss the design, production, and installation of an acrylic wall logo in Los Angeles.

Die-Cut Acrylic Letters Brand with Custom Colors and Spacing

Acrylic wall logo in Los Angeles

We worked with the client on the specs that involve the spacing of the letters, the font presentation, and the color display. At the shop, our technicians manufactured the individual style elements using half-inch-thick acrylic. After cutting and painting them in two custom colors, we stud-mounted the letters to the wall.

Now, visitors to the office will notice the exact replication of the company’s online presence. Most importantly, our specialists used the same spacing that makes the logo and lettering so memorable.

Why Do Business Owners Focus So Intently on Brand-Centric Aspects?

3D Acrylic Lobby signs in Fullerton CA

When a customer enters your office for the first time, it is crucial that they see as many reminders of your corporate persona as possible, especially in your lobby sign. It helps them feel at ease, buy into the brand message, and make a connection with your brand story. Therefore, business owners look to their signage to do much of the heavy lifting.

Of course, it goes further than just the skillful rendition or repetition of your online persona. You want to show colors that pop. The materials you select should underscore your vision for the business. The combination of the two must highlight the professional nature of your service.

Combining Materials and Manufacturing Techniques to Your Advantage

3D Lobby Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles CA

Take a page from the playbook of Golden Sunset Escrows, and select acrylic for your lobby sign. It is the best option when you have a highly intricate logo and favor bright colors. Die-cut letters present with crisp edges and perfect lines. Our technicians will paint them in your unique palette and add a matte, metallic, or polished finish.

That said, you have other options, too. PVC is a plastic that we do not die-cut but form. Using a mold, we can create letters that embrace your font and feature rounded edges, prismatic fronts, or a combination of the two. These, too, are excellent for painting and treating with a custom finish.

If you want to go in a different direction, consider metal. It signals reliability and longevity in your niche. Because of this impression, the material is a favorite of firms in the financial and legal sectors. Opt for aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. We can finish it with a brushed or polished look.

Put in Your Order for an Acrylic Wall Logo for Los Angeles Businesses

3D Lobby signs in Los Angeles CA

A 3D acrylic letter lobby sign is an excellent way to underscore your company’s professionalism and creativity. If you are thinking of focusing on different aspects of your corporate persona, we can help you find the ideal material and manufacturing combination to bring them to the forefront.

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