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New Pylon Sign Panels for Anaheim Psychic Reader Get Attention!

 Nov 13, 2018

Pylon Sign Tenant Panel Signs Anaheim CA

Located at 1425 East Lincoln Avenue, Intuitive Psychic Readings by Ann is a new occupant in a multi-tenant building. When this company needed new pylon sign panels, the property owner referred the management team to Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Updating Signage for an Incoming Tenant

Tenant Panels for Pylon Signs Anaheim CA

Make your business stand out with a tenant panel!

We consulted with the client to determine what signage would be needed. In the past, we worked with the landlord to retrofit the pylon sign on the roof for LED illumination. Now, we needed to remove a prior tenant’s panel and create a new one for the client. We started with good-quality acrylic that we clad with translucent prints. Doing so allows the light to shine through at night, which boosts wayfinding abilities. Now, prospective customers see the company’s name, logo, and contact information.

The Importance of Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs with Tenant Panels Anaheim CA

Our C-45 Sign license allows us to install electrical signage!

The pylon stands tall above other signage products. Whereas monument signs sit close to the ground, pylons tower above the roofline. In the case of our client, this signage solution was mounted to the roof. Doing so has numerous advantages.

  • Visible. A pylon is highly visible even from a distance away. It signals to oncoming traffic that the business the drivers are looking for is just up the road. In this way, the pylon becomes a landmark.
  • Beacon. After dark, illumination allows the pylon to become a beacon. Because there are not that many businesses that use this type of signage right now, it is sure to stand out. Looking down the street from Intuitive Psychic Readings by Ann, you will notice that it is the only marker of its kind.
  • Brand-building opportunities. Even if passersby are not yet in the market for your products or services, they see your information. In fact, it is difficult to avoid taking in your brand details. When the prospective customer does develop a need for something that you offer, s/he will remember your information.

Refurbishing Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs for Shopping Centers Anaheim CA

Gain more foot traffic with a tenant panel pylon sign!

If you have a pylon sign on your property right now, gauge its overall effectiveness. Our team routinely works with management companies and property owners to upgrade and refurbish existing pylons. Because of the effect that this advertising tool brings to a property, it makes sense to keep it up to date. Typical upgrades include LED conversions that save you money when operating the signage.

Moreover, consider the good looks of the property’s message. If the acrylic or its imprint is deteriorating, consider replacing the panels. Doing so maintains the integrity of your brand while also delivering a strong advertising message to the community. Good-looking tenant panels make your property stand out, which boosts interest by prospective tenants when space becomes available.

Ordering New Pylon Sign Panels

Are you ready to commission new sign panels for your pylon? Our team can help you with all aspects of the project. If you want to keep things looking the same, we work with the specs that you already have. If you would like to explore a re-branding or another signage upgrade, our graphic artist can help. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on this project.

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