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Window Graphics and Vinyl Wraps for Restaurants in Orange County, CA That Bring in More Customers!

 Mar 18, 2024

A final set of vinyl wraps for restaurants in Orange County finished our stint at the Gudetama Café. The project began with interior decorations and wall wraps introducing the brand based on the Sanrio character. The second phase focused on storefront window graphics. Now, it was time for a branded indoor wall of glass.

custom window graphics and restaurant decor in orange county, ca

Glass Wall Wraps and Graphics for Restaurants Separate Gudetama from Neighboring Food Court Vendors

For this project, we wrapped a glass separator wall. Our technicians used 3M 40c clear vinyl. Next, we imprinted it with white ink courtesy of our HP700w printer. Look closely, and you will notice how we flood the vinyl with white ink and then print the colors over the white base color. The advantage of this technique is the ability to see the graphics clearly from the other side in reverse. 

Without this production method, you only see gray-backed vinyl, which makes it difficult to see any graphics clearly. This glass wall looks a lot like stained glass, which creates the ambiance the café’s management team was looking for. Besides creating an inviting look for guests, the treated glass wall lets customers of other food court vendors know that the Gudetama Café is open for business.

Glass wall wraps and graphics for restaurants in orange county, ca

Clever Ways to Incorporate Signs and Graphics in Your Next Restaurant Makeover

Imprinted vinyl is a budget-friendly, highly effective way to change a restaurant’s ambiance virtually overnight. However, there are plenty of additional signage solutions that businesses use.

  • Wall graphics with vinyl lettering. At the Gudetama Café, the emphasis is on images. However, lettering is also a great way to underscore your branding. Consider spelling out the services you offer or highlighting the motto by which your kitchen staff operates. It is an excellent addition to your brand’s story when facing the guests.
  • Menu boards. There is a lot we can do with menu boards. Keep them functional with custom-designed restaurant menu boards, or use colorful backgrounds for your corporate color palette. These products combine functionality with the opportunity to build brand awareness.
  • Indoor logo signs. Hospitality industry insiders know that the corporate logo is a significant aspect of building and reinforcing a brand. There are plenty of ways to add the logo to the exterior. However, remember to add indoor logo signs as well. These can take the role of restaurant decor and fit in well with other ambiance-creating products.

Signs and Graphics for restaurants in orange county, ca

Putting Together Vinyl Wraps for Restaurants in Orange County and L.A. County

Which vinyl wraps could significantly change guests’ experiences of your brand? Work with our graphic artist to determine possible window, door, and wall graphics. We can also wrap tables, appliances, and booths. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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