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Indoor Logo Signs for Restaurants in Fullerton Add to Décor and Brand!

 Jun 26, 2019

Indoor Logo Signs for Restaurants in Fullerton CA

La Isla Cevicheria is the eatery for authentic Mexican burritos, fish tacos and so much more. The restaurant has built a loyal following, and plenty of people are talking about their tacos online. When the company needed custom indoor logo signs for restaurants, the team contacted our sign shop to help out.

3D Wall Sign Bespeaks the Brand of La Isla Cevicheria

At the same time, this sign is an excellent piece of interior décor. After talking to our clients about how to create the sign they were looking for, technicians went to work. We had designed a product that called for half-inch-thick acrylic. Next, we cut out the individual elements.

Lobby Logo Wall Signs for Restaurants in Fullerton CA

Adding your logo to your wall brands your restaurant!

After painting them in a custom blue tone, our graphic artist added prints for the face of the fish logo and the white decorative portions of the La Isla letters. Our installers then mounted the letters behind the cashier’s desk and above the entrance to the open kitchen. The client loves the way that these letters add decorative touches to the locale while also contributing to brand building.

Increasing the Appeal of an Eatery with the Right Signage Combination

An indoor logo sign is an ideal product for any restaurant. Whether you serve Italian delicacies, French pastries, or an all all-around American fare, you cannot go wrong with displaying your corporate identity in large letters together with the logo you have chosen.

We typically recommend acrylic because it is easy to clean and looks fantastic for years to come. That said, metal is another excellent option. It adds an elegant presentation to your eatery that supports a chic setup. If you want to take your brand-building further, we can assist with supportive signage options.

Restaurant Signs and Graphics in Fullerton CA

We can help with all your restaurant signage needs!

  • Wall murals and graphics. For many restaurants, creating an atmosphere presents challenges. Frequently, there are space constraints to consider. Wall murals and graphics make the difference. They take up no space, are fully customizable, and easily integrate branding in a creative way.
  • Window graphics. Another excellent advertising and branding display space consists of the window panels that are part of your venue. Allow sunlight to continue entering the restaurant by selecting perforated vinyl. If you do not need natural lighting, standard vinyl works well.
  • Movable signs. Bring in foot traffic with portable signs that you can take in and out of your venue as needed. Examples include A-frames as well as banner stands. Many restaurants like to use custom flags that catch the attention of drivers because of their movement.

Ordering Outdoor and Indoor Logo Signs for Restaurants in Southern California

What signage needs does your eatery still have? Maybe you are thinking of rebranding and want to upgrade the look and feel of your message. Besides that, our team routinely works with restaurants that are outfitting new or secondary locations for the first time with signs. No matter what your sign requirements are, we can assist you. If you are unsure what types of markers you need or what they should look like, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist.

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