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Window and Wall Graphics Brand Cypress Offices of Automotive Lubricants Manufacturer!

 Jul 02, 2018

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Located at 5856 Corporate Avenue, Motul combines ingenuity with intimate knowledge of power sports and vehicle needs. In the business of manufacturing petroleum-based products such as high-end lubricants for racecars, Motul has a loyal brand following. To emphasize its message, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to assist with the creation of several window and wall graphics.

Lobby Wall Wrap and Interior Window Graphics Impress

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Show off products with interior window graphics!

We met with the client to receive the specs for the project. Almost all graphics have a racing theme. They feature motorcycles and cars. For the window graphics, we used perforated vinyl, which lets office occupants look out.

When the office lights are on, these graphics take on a backlit appearance. Moreover, because we emphasized the motion of the vehicles with a 3D presentation, the added illumination makes the display stand out.

The wall wrap features a corporate history of Motul. This timeline explains to visitors what sets apart this company from its competition. It emphasizes the racing heritage and vision that guides all product decisions. The team parked a motorcycle and an old can of Motul motor oil in front of it to add ambiance and underscore the brand message.

Looking Forward

Lobby Window Graphics Cypress CA

Add imagery to your lobby windows with custom graphics!

The project is almost complete. In the coming week, our technicians will add a combination of large window graphics to the collection. It will go across the two front glass doors and cover an additional six adjacent windows. This product will set the tone for customers’ experiences with this company. In the process, it supports the messages that the interior graphics products send.

How Window and Wall Graphics Brand a Venue

Take a page from the playbook of Motul and present your corporate history timeline on a wall. Hallways are typically the favorite. That said, you might choose any other wall surface as well. Of course, you do not have to stop there.

  • A menu of services. Brand your company by telling visitors to your location what you offer. In the process, you feature all the services and products that differentiate you from the competition.
  • Client images. Combine images of clients with messages of gratitude. Thank your customers for doing business with you, but be sure to use your corporate font and brand colors.
  • Customer testimonials. What did your customers like the most about their last interaction with your business? Put it in words and feature these quotes throughout your lobby, meeting rooms, and anywhere else that your workers and customers might encounter them.
  • Founder quotes. Your brand message emphasizes the values that the firm and its clientele share. Quotes from the company’s founder are powerful tools in this situation.

How to Select the Right Window and Wall Images

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Add a corporate timeline with lobby wall graphics!

When you already have graphics on hand, we can work with those. If you are unsure what you select for your venue, we gladly assist with stock images that encapsulate your niche. Our sign shop proudly serves the business communities in and around Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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