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Wide Format Printed Banners Help You Stand Out in Buena Park CA!

 Jan 03, 2014

Orange County custom banners are a staple for members of the Buena Park business community. Whether it is a housing community, condominium complex or boutique store, there is nothing quite as eye-catching as a banner flapping in the occasional breeze. Of course, there are also plenty of other applications that this well-designed customized product could fulfill.

Special Announcements

Whether you are announcing the grand opening of your new toy store or the long-awaited availability of a coveted product, do not leave the announcement to the newspaper. Alert passersby and motorists to your location and product availability. Full-color graphics, digital photos, your company logo and even some varied background textures will lend interest and zing to your exterior banner. We can modify your signage to attach with customized pole pockets, via D-rings or with hemmed in ropes that make display setup a snap.

Temporary News and Seasonal Information

Temporary banner signs are the ideal solution for seasonal holiday specials that you do not run every week. By the way, if you are waiting for Superior Signs and Graphics to deliver your permanent exterior signage, hang one our short-term markers to let would-be customers know what type of business you are running. When you are ordering a temporary sign well ahead of your grand opening, it also serves as some pre-opening marketing to whet consumers’ appetites for your up and coming store.

Organizations and Special Events

Banners for Buena Park, CA, do not just benefit the local business community. There are plenty of community, athletic and faith-based organizations that use them for special events, during meets and for stage setups. Whether you are welcoming a new preacher, coach or director, turn banners into welcoming markers and way-finding tools for visitors and members alike. If you are a regular at local and nationwide tradeshows, you already know that customized banner displays are big hits for creating a buzz and getting attendees to visit your booth.

What Makes Banners so Popular?

The durability of vinyl, fabric or canvas as well as the pizzazz of full color graphics are just a few reasons why this kind of signage is a favorite in sunny Southern California. While rain is rare, the rays of the sun tend to fade and dry out materials quickly. As a result, these banners are made to last. Another plus is the lightweight nature of these markers. You do not need two people to transport them, hang them up or take them down.

Since they roll up easily and store horizontally or vertically, they fit into even the most crammed corner of your closet or storage unit. In short, this signage will not take up valuable space but can be rolled up only to unfurl again in a year when it comes time for the seasonal holiday messages to be displayed again. This is not something you can achieve as easily with any other marketing message product.

If you are thinking of adding custom banners to your advertising repertoire, request a free quote. We can take your ideas and turn them into beautiful messages that are sure to stand out. Since we can fully customize the product, go ahead and include your logo, slogan, personalized digital photos and even specialized color schemes that will help with branding and name recognition.

Posted on January 3, 2014

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