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Wellness Medical Center Adds Commercial Van Graphics to Fleet!

 Jul 19, 2015

Located at 1261 Lakeview Avenue in Anaheim, you find the second location for Wellness Medical Equipment and Supplies. The original store is situated at 7961 Valley View Street in La Palma. In the business of combining mobility with style as well as providing durable medical equipment to clients, the company operates delivery vans that bring merchandise to buyers. For the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics, Wellness Medical is a return client, as loyal readers of our blog already know.

Introducing, Marketing a Branding Your Business with Mobile Advertising

Fleet van graphics Anaheim CA

Brand your fleet!

Initially, we designed, manufactured and installed their first commercial van graphics. In Anaheim, CA, where the newest location of this company is located, consumers now also have the opportunity to see these graphics because of the second van the company purchased and brought to us for treatment with graphics and letters. We took the original van graphics design as a guide for the look and setup of the new van’s graphics. That said, we added the new location’s address and phone number as well as the company’s new website address and some additional banner decals.

Since the company requested that we should do a logo revamp, we worked with the management team to get the look just right for the van. We used Arlon cast vinyl for the treatment of the vehicle. We finished with an Arlon gloss laminate to enhance the appeal of the design’s curves. This vehicle is now branding and advertising the second location of the company while drawing attention to the products at hand and branding the business.

What Could Commercial Van Graphics in Anaheim, CA, do for Your Company?

Fleet Graphics Anaheim CA

Get the very best fleet graphics in Anaheim!

Have you been thinking of turning your delivery van, work trucks or vans into a mobile marketing solution? There is no time like the present to get started.

  • Generate name recognition. Consumers remember vehicles that catch their eyes. We usually achieve this wow factor with graphics. Once the attention is caught, your lettering generates the name recognition.
  • Create brand awareness. Help would-be customers to combine your name with the availability of a product. Do so by showing graphics of the product next to your company’s name or simply by highlighting your niche.
  • Save money. Advertise your business for five years non-stop. Do this at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for television or radio spots. In fact, commercial van graphics are even cheaper than newspaper ads. This makes the product budget-friendly with a great return on investment.

Commissioning Your Graphics Today

Van Graphics for Fleets in Anaheim CA

Advertise, even when parked!

Contact our professionals today for more information on the processes involved in van graphic application. We can get started on your vehicle’s transformation after a client consultation where we learn more about your vision and look over the artwork that you already have. When you want to makes changes to the artwork or do not want to use what you currently have on file, we gladly design your display from scratch to give you the look that uniquely brands and markets your company. Call us now to get started.

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