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Wall Wraps and Graphics for Office Conference Rooms in Norwalk, CA!

 Nov 07, 2022

Earlier this month, we worked with Koi CBD at 14631 Best Avenue. This company represents several CBD and THC products. The business focuses on vendor validation and standard definition. Because the team there frequently welcomes representatives into their offices, it needed brand-building conference room wall graphics in Norwalk, CA. Our shop was happy to be of assistance. 

conference room wall graphics in norwalk, ca

Custom Printed Wallpaper for a Large Wall

The target surface was the extended area of the conference room behind the table. Because this business has an extensive corporate color palette, we were able to work with tones that perfectly underscore the mood the client wanted to create. Because the custom-printed wallpaper would go into a meeting room, we used colors from the green and blue spectra. 

custom printed wallpaper in norwalk, ca

The company’s name displays at the top of the graphic. A tagline creates the focal point. In the background, we set a frame with the middle featuring high-resolution images of hemp plants. These CBD signs and graphics are beautifully arranged, ideally suited for the company’s interior design, and an excellent conversation starter in the meeting room. Best of all, the custom-printed wallpaper has a strong brand message that it quickly communicates. 

custom wall graphics and wraps in norwalk, ca

Conference Room Wall Graphics are Popular in Contemporary Office Settings

Custom wall graphics and wraps are more suitable for brand building than a standard paint job. Wall murals and wraps deliver a message, allow you to advertise, hone in on a particular brand feature, or continue the brand conversation that you began with the signage you feature in the lobby.

CBD signs and graphics in norwalk, ca

To make the message pop, we typically use several style elements.

  • Framing. Take a page from Koi CBD’s playbook and feature a frame that favors your brand colors. It is an excellent method for introducing a particular color and atmosphere into the space. The frame can be pronounced or minimized. Moreover, we can display multiple high-resolution graphics that each feature a unique framing.
  • Room tie-in. You do not have to stop at having us install a wall wrap. We can also wrap doors and windows. Moreover, our team routinely wraps appliances and tables, which will change how visitors to your office interact with your brand.
  • Sign repetition. Another popular step is displaying a secondary lobby sign inside a meeting space. Sometimes, this secondary lobby sign focuses only on an abbreviation or a tagline. It clearly matches the signage you feature in the foyer; there are just some minor changes that add to their unique visual interest. 

wall murals and wraps in norwalk, ca

How Could Conference Room Wall Graphics in Norwalk, CA, Change Your Office’s Atmosphere?

Is it time to overhaul the look and feel of your space? Even if you have never previously considered making changes to your meeting room’s overall look, you might be surprised how budget-friendly vinyl graphics can completely turn its atmosphere around. Our graphic artist welcomes the opportunity to work with you and show you the options. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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