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Wall Murals for Quality Custom Distribution Company Give Logistics Center an Amazing Makeover in Los Angeles!

 Dec 27, 2017

Technology Wall Murals | Los Angeles CA

Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) does business at 14317 Lomitas Avenue in La Puente. This enterprise is a major food distributor for companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-A. Precision, timeliness, and strict schedule adherence are the hallmarks of QCD’s service. When this business decided to build a logistics command center, the management team contacted us for help with wall murals in Los Angeles County.

Creating an Impressive Command Center with Stunning Visuals

Custom cityscape wall murals Los Angeles

Put an eye-grabbing cityscape on your walls!

After meeting with our client, we learned that the company was planning to put in a collection of wall monitors that would allow the team to keep track of trucks in real time. Doing so is a considerable advantage for time management. The group decided that it wanted the command center to have a slightly avant-garde appearance. Our graphic artist worked closely with the client to select Shutterstock images that would look perfect.

From these images, we created large, full wall wraps that remind of the bridge’s view of Star Trek’s Enterprise. Next, we designed top and bottom wraps for a wall that would hold large dry erase boards. Finally, we also treated the spaces around a glass window wall as well as a small alcove. We used images of Los Angeles’ cityscape by night, which makes sense since the business handles its deliveries during the night hours. With the mural installation finished, the company is now ready to complete furnishing its impressive command center.

How to Upgrade a Business Location with Budget-Friendly Wall Graphics and Wraps

Wall Graphics for Offices | Los Angeles CA

The design possibilities are endless!

A wall wrap treatment covers a multitude of faded colors, so-so paint jobs, and overall unimpressive surfaces. Instead of these displays, you wow customers and employees alike with bursts of color, fantastic images, and artwork that perfectly encapsulate your brand message.

Graphics tell your corporate history. We can reproduce incorporation papers, turn-of-the-century photos, and similar items to show your business’ story. Doing so is a great idea if you have a long, narrow hallway that does not particularly lend itself to displays with framed artwork.

Wall Mural Installations | Los Angeles | Orange County

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Lettering underscores brand messages. More and more business owners now ask us to reproduce their mission or vision statements as wall murals in lobbies and hallways. It reminds employees of the company’s expectations and reinforces brand knowledge in consumers.

Wall wraps change the mood of a venue. Do you have an Italian restaurant but somehow the decorations you use fail to make that point? No problem! Excellent wall wraps can make dust-catching knickknacks a thing of the past. These graphics incorporate the right color palette, provide plays of shadow and light, and allow for some texture to add depth to the images.

Does Your Business Need Wall Murals in Los Angeles County?

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Ready to turn your offices into something special?

Do not put off beautifying your location. You might be surprised to learn just how budget-friendly this type of project can be. That said, it offers excellent results. Changing the look and feel of any space is a snap with this kind of product. Contact us today to learn more about the many wall wrap and graphics options open to you.

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