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Shopping Center Construction Project in Garden Grove Gets Eye-Catching Commercial Property For Lease Sign to Announce Its Opening!

 Dec 21, 2017

Located at 16605 Norwalk Boulevard in Cerritos, Cal-City Construction, Inc. has been a thought leader in its niche since 1986. The company handles all aspects of private, public, and federal construction projects. One of its latest projects is a new retail and office building on a bustling street in Garden Grove. The business’ management team decided to take advantage of the traffic and advertise the project with a commercial property “For Lease” sign.

A Colorful “For Lease” Sign Catches the Eye

Commercial Property For Lease Signs for Construction Companies

Announce your construction project with commercial property signs!

This setup is not your average commercial “For Lease” sign. For starters, it is a 13-foot tall marker that we designed as a post and panel sign. It had to stand taller than the construction fencing that surrounds the building site. Because there is some problem with graffiti in the area – you can see some tagging on the fence – we applied an anti-graffiti laminate.

The product shows an artist’s rendering of the finished project, presents its address, and displays highlights of the available tenant spaces. Interested prospective tenants find information on how to contact the leasing agent for the venue. At the bottom of the colorful sign, we added Cal-City Construction’s name, logo, website address, and phone number. This construction project sign is functional, gets attention, and can easily be cleaned if a tagger decides to spray-paint it.

Anti-Graffiti Laminate is a Good Solution for Property Managers and Others

Construction Jobsite For Lease Commercial Property Signs Orange County CA

These signs inform communities what’s coming!

Property management companies, real estate professionals, construction businesses, and similar enterprises will do well with anti-graffiti laminates. Add them to post and panel signs that advertise vacancies or serve as monument signs. In so doing, you achieve three objectives.

  • Present a clean image. Tagged signage makes the wrong impression. Even if the rest of the marker looks sleek and professional, the mere presence of the scribbles portrays a lack of care.
  • Make cleanup a snap. You cannot prevent tagging. Even with security cameras in place, the damage will be done before you catch the taggers. With the laminate in place, you just go outside with a specialized cleaning solution and a soft rag. Remove the scribbles and restore the sign to its like-new appearance.
  • Save money. In the past, companies would lose a lot of money by replacing and repainting sign surfaces. You can save yourself this hit to your budget by adding the laminate now.

Buy a Commercial Property “For Lease” Sign to Advertise Your Next Project

For Lease Signs for Construction Companies in Orange County CA

Ready to advertise your commercial properties in a big way?

Do you run a commercial leasing company? Advertise available properties across town. By providing full-color renditions of the projects, you catch the attention of prospective tenants. In addition, you see your corporate identity turn into a household name. For construction companies, the use of “For Lease” signs is a great way to make a name for themselves in their niche.

If you are unsure how to select the signage setup that is right for you, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We help you to design the graphic’s appearance and offer you recommendations for the ideal size. We also handle the manufacture and installation of the product. Call us today to get started!

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