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Wall Map Murals for Offices in Orange County CA!

 Apr 10, 2017

SweetIQ operates out of Montreal, with added offices in Chicago and California’s Costa Mesa. Providing data analytics and listings management, among other services, for businesses, the company contacted our sign experts to discuss the design and installation of wall map murals for offices in Orange County, CA.

Office Wall Map Murals in Orange County CA

Reveal your client territory!

After meeting with the management team at SweetIQ, we put together a mural that features a die cut graphic of a map showing the various cities the company has locations in. Our site survey team visited the venue, tested the wall surface, and realized that the vinyl we needed to use would not stick. Could we still help the client? You bet!

Signage Creation Relies on Creativity and an Ability to Solve Problems

Vinyl office wall maps in Orange County CA

Add pizzazz to conference room walls!

We suggested repainting the wall just with a primer. On our part, we manufactured a full wall wrap with a black background that features the map in white. It provides the team the same appearance that it desired in the first place. But we were able to do so without jeopardizing the longevity of the product. On a site note, we also created smaller wall decals that identify various rooms in the office.

Why Add Murals to an Office Space?

Rather than featuring decorative prints only, murals provide décor with a purpose. Some clients have had excellent success with hallway wall graphics that outline a company’s history. The longer you have been in business, the more impressive this presentation becomes. Display images featuring old photos and contracts, which you might augment with lettering that explains what happened during that time in the firm.

Wall Map Office Mural for Businesses in Orange County CA

Wall maps can be fun and informative!

Another mural idea is geared more toward the client or employee. Position it in a hallway or lobby and outline your company’s mission statement and commitment to customer care. In so doing, you reinforce the approach your enterprise takes toward doing business. For the consumer, this setup is an excellent expression of your brand message, which works in concert with the other branding features you incorporate into your décor and marketing materials.

Combining Wall Graphics with Murals and Similar Displays

More and more business owners are now looking to the versatility that printed vinyl brings to a location. These professionals go on to request product image decals, custom wallpaper with subliminal logo displays, and floor graphics that highlight the latest specials or product enhancements. You might also consider the display of a lobby sign with a vinyl wall graphic that incorporates three-dimensional imagery as part of an eye-catching presentation. For purely decorative purposes, consider wall murals that feature nature scenes or different vistas, but underscore your corporate color palette.

Do You Need Wall Map Murals for Offices in Orange County, CA?

Where to buy office wall map murals in Orange County CA

Ready to add a wall map mural?

Help employees, clients, and investors catch your vision with map murals that present a tangible proof of your success. Conversely, you might display a map of locations that you intend to expand to in the near future. We recommend showing off high-contrast colors to make the presentation pop. Of course, we gladly accommodate any other type of mural feature at your location as well.

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