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Brand Your Orange County Restaurant with Unique Wall Murals and Wall Décor!

 Apr 05, 2017

Orange County is home to a wide variety of eateries, take-out food establishments, and innovative one-off restaurants that are as focused on ambiance as they are on dishing up fantastic meals. Add to this the broad range of diverse chain venues, and it makes sense that standing out among this much competition can present a challenge to the restaurateur. Using a combination of signage solutions and decorative designs, you can ensure that you differentiate yourself from other eateries with wall murals and wall decor for restaurants in Orange County, CA.

Create Atmosphere in the Dining Room by Featuring Local Images

Wall Murals for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Add images of your community!

In tourist areas, the ambiance you need can easily come from the location of your venue. Cases in point are the iconic vacation spots of Hollywood, San Juan Capistrano, and Huntington Beach. Displaying images that tourists closely associate with these locales is a great option. Feature them as imprinted vinyl overlays on acrylic boards that we would mount with brushed standoffs. Another option is the presentation as a collage of images on a vinyl piece of art that we would place directly on the wall.

Brand a Restaurant by Highlighting Values the Consumer Can Buy Into

Restaurant Wall Graphics in Orange County CA

Wall vinyl great for defining your eatery!

Take, for example, a burger joint. There are plenty of those in Orange County. But how many can say that they use premium beef for their burgers? And how many grind their meat into burger-quality beef on a daily basis? By narrowing down the extras that go into the preparation of your food, and then following it up with a mural that tells of the eatery’s approach to doing business, you create a brand presentation that makes you stand out. Another method is the transference of basic cookery to an art form. Show your guests that the food they eat is more than simply a combination of required preparation steps but instead a work of art.

Create a Unique Theme that Separates a Restaurant or Chain from the Competition

Wall Decor and Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Add wall decor to brand your restaurant!

The quintessential eatery featuring chairs, tables, a plastic-covered menu, and basic American or Italian food choices is on the way out. Local guests want to have an experience when dining out, not just buy food and consume it there. As a result, restaurateurs work harder than ever to create memorable themes and twists to the overall enjoyment of the meals. They do so by getting the consumer involved in the ingredients selection, color-coordinating furnishings, providing glimpses into the kitchen, and using their walls to tie it all together with wall murals and wall decor for restaurants in Orange County, CA.

Do You Need Wall Décor?

Mounted Prints for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Mounted prints great to show off menu items!

Whether you need juice bar wall murals, wall lettering to boost the ambiance of a restaurant, or framed wall art that draws attention to your eatery’s brand message, we can help. Our graphic artists routinely work with restaurateurs who re-brand, overhaul the way their locations looks, and seek to deepen the impact that their décor makes. Discuss your need for brand-focused wall décor with our business sign experts to learn more about your options. Call us today!

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