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Wall Graphics and Wall Mounted Photo Art Brand and Decorate Facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA!

 Feb 19, 2024

Who says that warehouse or distribution center walls have to be merely functional? BlastOne International at 10225 Greenleaf Avenue decided to experiment with wall graphics and wall mounted photo art in Santa Fe Springs, CA. It turned out great!

warehouse wall graphics in santa fe springs, ca

Custom Wall Art for Offices and Warehouse Wall Graphics

The client was looking for a way to boost the aesthetics of its location. Rather than relying on bland paint jobs to spruce up the space, this company chose office wall art that looks great and is an ideal element of its brand story. 

One piece is a large, die-cut wall decal featuring an employee using the company’s equipment. This graphic goes into the warehouse where it transforms the feel of the area. Besides that, we put together five acrylic panel signs of photos featuring employees at work. We installed the larger graphics with standoffs. The smaller ones we flush-mounted.

The finished look elevates the location’s ambiance and decorates the facility with eye-catching visuals.

custom wall art for offices in santa fe springs, ca

Custom Warehouse Wall Graphics are Becoming the Norm

In the past, warehouses were merely functional. However, companies are now exploring including these spaces in their brand narratives. Wall art is an ideal medium. Our team has done a lot of work for businesses around the OC and L.A. County.

  • Wall wraps. We have done a lot of work for Amazon. One of the projects we undertook was a custom wall wrap for this client’s employee lounge. It incorporates brand colors and motifs. The floor-to-ceiling graphic transforms a previously bland space into one that is restful and ideally suited for enjoying breaks and lunches. 
  • 3M wall graphics. The client was looking for aesthetic, spatial separation for a distribution facility that would tie together the vast space. We proposed the use of geometric wall graphic stripes that look great and do an excellent job of boosting the aesthetics of the location.
  • Window wraps. Another space suited for visual improvements is the warehouse window. Many windows face unattractive vistas, such as warehouse roofs, supply yards, and similar locations. Because warehouses do not rely on natural light for illumination, it makes sense to use window wraps that obscure these unwanted views. They mimic expensive office wall art. 
  • Safety-themed banners. While printed vinyl wall art is an excellent choice, some clients have also opted to add huge safety-themed banners. These banners unfurl to display numerous safety messages. They install at the roof area of the warehouse and reach halfway down to the floor. 

office wall signs in santa fe springs, ca

Which Types of Graphics Work Well for an Office or Warehouse Setting?

If you want to buy wall graphics and wall mounted photo art in Santa Fe Springs, CA, or anywhere else in Orange or Los Angeles counties, our graphic artist can collaborate with your team on the photo selection. Some clients have chosen stock art, while others, such as BlastOne International, opted to incorporate photos of their employees into the wall art. Find out more about your options; call us today!

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