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Wall Wraps and Graphics for Warehouses and Distribution Centers in Riverside County, CA!

 Dec 18, 2023

We continued our Amazon project of wall wraps and graphics for warehouses in Riverside County, CA. You may remember that we earlier treated the leadership retreat area that the client calls the Wolf Den with custom wall graphics. This time, we overhauled the look of the associates’ lounge.

custom wall wrap designs in riverside county, ca

Custom Wall Wrap Designs for a Second Large Surface Area

This space is reserved for associates who are relaxing during work breaks or enjoying lunch. Associates have access to a pool table, foosball table, and more. The client liked the idea of a forest design with wolves for this space. 

Of course, we also added some Amazon logos, packages, and other creates that appear somewhat subliminally. This wall wrap covers the back of the space and becomes a stunning focal point. It ties the room together and creates a fun atmosphere. We used our scissor lift to install the custom-printed wallpaper, as we did with the Wolf Den. 

scissor lift installations of wall graphics in riverside, ca

Scissor Lift Installation of Wall Graphics

In the past, companies would paint the walls they wanted to change. Custom wall graphics and printed wallpaper let you change a space to your specifications. Unlike posters and similar artwork, wall wraps do not rip or curl. However, because products for warehouses and distribution centers must fit on taller walls, we bring our scissor lift for the installation.

We begin the installation process by preparing the wall surface. The goal is to remove any dust that might be there. Next, we mark the accurate positioning of the pieces and work with a level – just in case the walls are not entirely straight. Using the scissor lift instead of ladders gives us the advantage of smoothing the surface as we go. It eliminates the chance of air bubbles. The final product display speaks for itself. 

Custom wall graphics in riverside county, ca

Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Graphics are Ideal for Multiple Venues

For Amazon, our team put together wall wraps and graphics for warehouses in Riverside County, CA. However, we prepare similar displays for a broad range of other locations. For example, transform the long wall of a hallway into a garden with custom wallpaper. Fitting rooms become beach scenes, which is great when selling swimwear.

Classrooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, and lobbies can all benefit from fully customized printed murals. Incorporate your corporate persona, continue the brand story, or turn an area into a whimsical space that appeals to your customer base. There is little that you cannot do with wall wraps. 

Have we piqued your curiosity about transforming the look and feel of your space? Our graphic artist will gladly work with you on a product that will be unique to your location. Call us today!

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