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Vinyl Wraps Decorate Unsightly City Electrical Boxes in Los Angeles, CA!

 Mar 18, 2023

City councils and neighborhood organizations are becoming more mindful of using existing infrastructure to boost the quality of life for residents. Excellent examples are the city electrical box vinyl wraps in Los Angeles that we put together recently.

vinyl graphics for city electrical boxes in los angeles, ca

Vinyl Graphics for City Electrical Boxes

Typically gray or dark green, electrical boxes are necessary on streets with traffic lights and other installations. However, the covers do not look pretty and do very little to enhance the overall ambiance of a city street. Painting the surfaces is not the answer. It would just exchange one color for another one. 

The alternative is clear: vinyl graphics. They can be customized to feature any photos or artwork that you want. A case in point is the electrical box vinyl wrap we did for Buena Park’s Firehouse 61. The city was looking for a whimsical design with a fire station tie-in. Since vinyl graphics are fully customizable, we easily accommodated the client and got them precisely what they were looking for.

electrical box vinyl wraps in los angeles, ca

Buena Park wanted to select graphics that focused on nature for other boxes. Again, they were to be whimsical but focus on summer, sunshine, and fun. We complied by putting together wraps to beautify Orange County and used its overall imagery as inspiration. The finished products were attractive and looked much nicer than the generic colors of the boxes before our treatment. 

Custom Vinyl Wraps for City Traffic Control Boxes

Another project took us to La Mirada, where the city held an art contest for the schools. Representatives selected the best entries and gave them to us. We turned them into printable artwork that we then used to cover traffic control boxes that are typically gray. Now, several boxes across the city display student artwork and the kids’ names, giving bragging rights and beautifying the area. 

city electrical box vinyl wraps in los angeles

Electrical Box Vinyl Wraps for Schools

It is interesting to note that not only city governments and neighborhood groups are getting in on the action. Because wraps fully cover even the most unsightly structures, the Magnolia School District asked us to make foliage graphics for electrical boxes near their schools or on campus. Best of all, these boxes had numerous angles and pieces that jutted out; however, after treating them with the custom-printed vinyl, they perfectly mimic a foliage overgrowth, complete with shaded spots and color differentiation. 

city beautification by wrapping electrical boxes with vinyl in los angeles

City Beautification by Wrapping Electrical Boxes

Because city electrical box vinyl wraps in Los Angeles are budget-friendly, they are ideally suited for various neighborhood needs. Whether the city council wants to underscore the historic setting of an area, let the boxes blend in better with nature, or allow them to show off some artwork of students, we can help. Neighborhood groups, too, appreciate the opportunity to take ownership of their areas and express themselves with the artwork.

custom vinyl wraps for city electrical boxes in los angeles

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