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Custom Utility Trailer Graphics for Scout Troops in Orange County

 Jul 31, 2016

Scout Troop 658 operates out of Rancho Palos Verdes’ St. John Fisher Church. This troop undertakes multiple summer camps, backpacking trips, and kayaking expeditions during the year. To haul its gear, the troop relies on a trailer that holds quite a bit of equipment and luggage. Since one of the troop leaders is a seasoned marketing executive, it made sense to the scouts that wrapping the trailer would be a great way of presenting their group and perhaps encouraging interested parties to join. They contacted our specialists at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Manufacturing and Installing Utility Trailer Graphics for Scout Troops in Orange County

Utility trailer graphics for scout troops in Orange County CA

Add graphics, mottos and troop location!

The troop had already designed the looks of its graphics. On one side, they depict a stylized image of a scout rappelling from a mountainside. With yellow on dark orange as the backdrop, the wrap identifies the name of the troop, its guiding principles, and the date and location of its meetings. A website address makes it possible for interested parties to connect. On the trailer’s other side, the image is that of scouts hiking up a mountain. Additional guiding principles round out the display. Combined with a black connector end wrapping, this is an attractive utility trailer that catches the eye and succeeds in creating an excellent impression of this troop.

Why Non-profit Organizations Need Mobile Marketing

Utility trailer wraps for boy scout troops in Orange County CA

Brand your scout troop!

Business owners have long known that mobile marketing is the ideal solution for companies that want to take their messages to the consumers who may be part of their prospective demographics. More effective and budget-friendly than billboards, these ads make a good impression on the consumer at large.

Non-profits, too, can benefit from the use of mobile marketing to advance their causes.

  • Increase volunteerism. Introduce folks to your organization and demonstrate a need for assistance. If people do not know that you accept volunteers, they will not usually call to inquire. But if you make it clear that you will accept volunteers with or without prior experience, you may find that more interested parties sign up.
  • Heighten awareness in the community. Groups operating shelters or food banks can heighten awareness of these facilities in their communities. Many times, neighbors may not even know that a church or volunteer organization is operating a food bank out of a garage or other setting. By advertising the fact with mobile marketing, you may not only get more volunteers, but you may also be able to mobilize more local donors.
  • Advertise events. Animal shelter workers know that adoption events are great opportunities to unite animals with forever homes. To get the best turnout possible, we recommend advertising these adoption events by stating dates, times, and locations as much in advance as possible.

Wraps, Graphics, or Magnets?

Trailer wraps for scout troops in Orange County CA

Heighten community awareness!

When we discussed utility trailer graphics for scout troops in Orange County with our client, it made sense to go with a wrap product. That said, your organization might do well with a graphics and lettering package or even a magnet setup when using a personal vehicle. When you contact our graphic artists for more information, we can help you decide on the look and presentation of the right product for your needs. Let’s get started on your project today!

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