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Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for Mobile Businesses in Orange County

 Apr 03, 2016

Operating in the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego, the event specialists at Soundwave Productions delight their clients with DJ and lighting services. Specializing in private and corporate functions, these experts bring an upscale feel to any setting and occasion. When the company contacted the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics to put together a budget-friendly graphics package for its Nissan cargo van, we met with the client for a consultation.

Vehicle Graphics for DJ and Emcee Businesses in Orange County, CA

Vehicle Graphics for Mobile Businesses in Orange County

A look at their Nissan NV van with new graphics!

The management team stressed the importance of designing a look that would differentiate the business from others in the area. Since many other mobile DJ companies use images that appeal to a different niche than Soundwave Productions, we put together an appearance that highlights the classy undertones of the enterprise’s approach to its trade. Using the logo, we added ghosting of sound bars to our design. The bold logo display on top of the gray design element adds a level of sophistication that brings out the brand without the need for words.

Vehicle Graphics for DJ and Emcee businesses in Orange County CA

Their all-white van did not brand or advertise!

Saving money was easy by focusing the graphics application to the flat areas of the vehicle, namely the two side window cutouts as well as the rear window. Doing so allowed us to use a vinyl product designed for flat surface applications, which is less expensive than other vinyl types. Also, the application of the graphics toward the top of the Nissan cargo van enhances the visibility of the message when the vehicle is moving in traffic. Best of all, the cost of the project was only $600.

Turning Your Mobile Business into a Household Name

Whether you are a DJ and lighting specialist, like Soundwave Productions, or you are a mobile notary, pet groomer, veterinarian or caterer, you need a vehicle that advertises your company while concurrently underscoring its brand message. This step is possible with the right mix of graphics and colors. When discussing your package with our graphic artists, we ensure that we incorporate your branding, which allows you to distinguish yourself from others in your line of work.

Custom van graphics for businesses in Orange County

Now they can brand and advertise 365 days a year!

As we have proven, you do not have to possess deep pockets to treat your business’ vehicle. Whether you rely on a truck, van, car or other conveyance, we can put together a professional design that hits all the right notes for a very reasonable price. When you operate a business that relies on multiple vehicles, saving money on your graphics package allows you to treat all of them, which then increases the visibility of your name.

Discussing a Graphics Package with the Experts

Nissan Cargo Van Graphics in Orange County CA

Ready to advertise your business 24/7?

Whether you need vinyl vehicle graphics for mobile businesses in Orange County, CA, or for any other type of company, we can help. If you prefer to have your vehicles treated with a partial or full wrap, our specialists can design a look that spaces design elements across the entirety of the vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your project.

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