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Vinyl Graphics for Trade Show Displays at Long Beach and Anaheim Convention Centers!

 Dec 15, 2016

Ducati Motorcycles had a problem. The shipping container they use for transporting their luxurious products did not look good. Another sign company had put lettering on the case, but they used a cheap material that was ill-suited for the task. Also, the installation was sub-par. Ducati’s management team was dissatisfied with the quickly failing product that showed lifting and peeling letters. After settling in locally for a trade show, the team contacted us to talk about re-lettering the container with vinyl graphics for trade show displays at the Long Beach Convention Center.

When we arrived at the location, it was clear that there was no fixing the problem. We had to completely uninstall the letters and re-install new ones made from cast vinyl. Being a 3M Certified Preferred Graphics Installer, our expert had no trouble doing the job right. While we were there, we also installed a matte black wrap for a large display panel and door as well as doorjamb of the opening portion. The product now looks professional and suitable for transporting the high-end machines that have made the Ducati name a legend.

Vinyl Graphics for trade shows in Anaheim CA

Vinyl graphics make you a hit at trade shows!

Vinyl Trade Show Graphics? We Do That!

The shipping container is not our first go-around with trade show graphics. We have worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, and each one has had slightly different display needs. For Ducati, the most pressing need was the presentation of a professional shipping container that would create the backdrop for a merchandise display.

Trade show graphics for the Long Beach Convention Center

We will make your display pop with vinyl graphics!

For Design Infini, we created trade show graphic panels that we mounted to their wheel racks. As the picture of the aftermarket wheels show, the displays look professional, sleek, and highlight the smart features of the products. When we collaborated with Koyal Wholesale, the company that revolutionized personalized party décor as well as DIY wedding supplies, we put together the look of the white vinyl lettering that made the company’s trade show booth stand out with pizzazz.

Leaving a Great First Impression to Chance is Not a Good Gamble

Trade show displays and graphics in Anaheim CA

Have the booth everyone wants to visit!

Trade shows are one of the most successful ways of getting new leads. Businesses connect with other members of the local business community as well as with representatives of enterprises a few states away. Consumers, too, visit the events to find vendors for current product needs or to get inspirations for future projects and the products they will need then. Presenting your brand with confidence is crucial.

Trade Show Displays and Graphics in Long Beach CA

Ready to order displays and graphics that pop?

But doing so is difficult if your displays are not in step with your product quality and level of customer care. Working with our experts to put together vinyl graphics for trade shows at Anaheim convention centers as well as Long Beach venues is an excellent first step toward ensuring your presentation materials do your products justice. If you are unsure whether your current booth and other display items hold up to scrutiny, just contact our vinyl graphics experts for assistance. We gladly visit your location, inspect the products, and give you an opinion based on our understanding of current trends and consumer behavior. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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