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Vinyl Decal Installations for Commercial Fleets in Los Angeles!

 Jun 09, 2017

Fleet decals in Los Angeles County CA

Not too long ago, we worked with the professionals at Diamond Tank Lines on vinyl graphics installations. The company uses silver tanker trucks with decals that identify the business’ name and logo. But long-term exposure to the Southern California sun resulted in peeling, blistering, and discoloration. These decals measured five feet in height and nine feet in width. We showed up with a crew and scaffolding to return the tanker trucks to their good looks with new decals.

Expert Vinyl Decal Installations for Commercial Fleets in Los Angeles

Fleet Tanker Truck Vinyl Decals Los Angeles County CA

Brand your fleet with truck decals!

The company’s management team liked the way we handled the first group of trucks and called us back to treat three more. The trick to a successful job completion is the precision our team brings to the task.

Crew size. The business does not make money if its tanker trucks sit idle. By bringing a sufficiently large crew to handle the job, we had all three vehicles on the road in just a little over three hours.

Prep work. Our vehicle vinyl graphics specialists have undergone rigorous 3M training that included prepping of surfaces and the removal of adhesives. Because the old decals were still in place, the crew first uninstalled them and then prepped the surfaces.

Expert Fleet Vinyl Decals in Los Angeles County CA

We offer expert and certified installers!

Tools of the trade. The two teams we sent out had all the tools they needed on hand. We firmly believe in stocking our van with anything the crew might need to complete the tasks at the job sites. Our experts do not waste your time driving back to the shop to pick up bits and pieces.

Expert installation. We took care to position the new decals so that they fit into the spaces the old ones filled. This approach prevents the appearance of ghosting, which refers to the visibility of the bleached areas around the other artwork.

From Inception to Installation – and Anything in Between

Vinyl Decals for Fleets in Los Angeles County CA

What a difference fleet decals make!

Our vehicle vinyl graphics experts routinely work with business owners on a broad range of tasks related to full or partial wraps, graphics packages, and lettering presentations. We can help you put together the appearance of a graphic and take cues from drawings you have started yourself, images you have seen in magazines, or even a vague idea that you have in your mind.

We gladly handle the manufacturing process. Our technicians can do so after you approve the images the shop’s graphic artists put together during consultation appointments. Of course, if you have an outside agency handle the artistic portion of the task, we can still manufacture the products according to these experts’ specifications.

On the other hand, when you have your graphics produced and distributed by a national franchise office, we can take the finished products and perform expert installations. No matter what your need might be, we have signage pros who can meet it.

Tanker Truck Vinyl Decals in Los Angeles County CA

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Do you need vinyl decal installations for commercial fleets in Los Angeles? Maybe you are adding new vehicles to an existing Orange County fleet and need us to outfit them to match the other cars, trucks, or vans. Discuss your requirements with our experts today, and we will get you on the road with great-looking graphics as quickly as possible!

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