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Building and Pylon Sign Makeover for Nonprofit School Thrift Shop in Orange County CA

 Jun 05, 2017

If you want to be seen, you need signage. Our friends at Orange Lutheran High School know that. Over the years, the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics have done a lot of work for the friendly folks there. We previously created and installed gymnasium wall graphicsvertical pillar banners, and a delivery truck vinyl wrap for the school’s thrift store. When this client contacted us just recently, it was to discuss a building and sign makeover for a nonprofit school thrift shop in Orange County, CA.

Upgrading and Updating Existing Signage

Sign Makeovers for Nonprofits in Orange County CA

A look at their old pylon sign, which was in much need of repair!

Pylon sign refacing in Orange County CA

What a difference and these colors match their box truck wraps exactly!

Signs always look fantastic when they come out of the shop. But the years, weather, and hot Southern California sunshine tend to age them. When our experts visited the thrift store property, it was clear that the pylon sign needed an overhaul. Its front had become discolored and lost the tone contrast that catches the eye. This problem is surprisingly easy to solve. A new polycarbonate front, imprinted or treated with an overlay, gives the sign a new appearance overnight.

Cabinet sign refacing in Orange County CA

Their old cabinet sign did not match their color branding!

Lightbox cabinet sign refacing in Orange County CA

What a difference cabinet sign refacing can do!

For the building’s facade, we refurbished their lightbox cabinet so it now matches the same color combination prospective shoppers see on the pylon sign. Previously, it showed off a yellow backdrop, which does not color-coordinate with the red signs the school favors. Finally, we replaced a banner that blended in too much with the building front’s tones. Now, there is a red sign that matches the other signage solutions and harmonizes with the overall appearance of the thrift store’s façade.

Adding Parking Lot Signs to the Mix

Parking lot signs for nonprofits in Orange County CA

New designated parking lot signs!

Parking lot signs for retail stores in Orange County CA

Even their new parking lot signs match their corporate colors!

Our technicians also created four parking lot signs. They ensure parking access to customers. They also present a fantastic brand-building opportunity for the school because they feature its name and logo alongside a slightly humorous yet apropos message. They fit in perfectly with the dominant color scheme the school has chosen for the property.

Does Your Commercial Property Need a Signage Overhaul?

You may not need a building and sign makeover for a nonprofit school thrift shop in Orange County, CA, but perhaps you operate a shopping center, run a store in a strip mall, or recently moved into a new office park. If there are already box cabinets in place, we can easily upgrade their looks. Typically, it only takes a new polycarbonate facing and perhaps some paint for the metal portion of the sign.

Building Banners for thrift shops in Orange County CA

Their building banner was worn and almost impossible to see!

Building Banners in Orange County CA

Not only is the new banner easy to see, it also matches their colors!

If needed, we can also assist with a rebranding that lets you change the look of a logo, font, or color setup. In these scenarios, you might update one – or all – of these components to bring them up to date with your target demographic’s current taste and overall preferences. For the business owner who is unsure how to go about incorporating a new look into an existing signage setup, we schedule design consultations that show you what the products will look like before you make a decision.

The experts at Superior Signs and Graphics serve the business communities in and around Los Angeles and Orange County. Call us today to learn more about our signage products!

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